October 2016


EarthWhorls Celebrates The Personality of Stones

October 18, 2016

What I love most about stones, gemstones, chakra stones, the stones I use in my EarthWhorls designs, is that each one has its own unique personality.  I may, at times, put a necklace together, spending perhaps a few hours and then, after examining the way the stones relate to one another, remake it.Some people call the inclusions, patterns, swirls, lights, shadows, spots and lines that “decorate” the internal essence of a stone, imperfections.  I call them “personality.”  Even some of the most beautiful and expensive diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones, have tiny “imperfections” or markings internally, that identifies them as unique.  Personally, I love that about stones in the same way I love the differences that identify one...

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EarthWhorls Has a Passion for Pearls

October 11, 2016

It is believed that pearls were most likely discovered thousands of years ago when early humans were searching along the seashore for food.  Can you imagine the wonder one would have felt, upon opening an oyster and discovering the luminescent, sparkling orb inside? In ancient Rome, pearls were the way in which one measured their status and wealth.  In ancient Greece, pearls were associated with love and, during the dark ages, stunning young ladies wore pearls for their beauty but, those gallant knights wore them into battle believing they would light their way to victory.In Renaissance royal courts, pearls were everywhere and, were so highly thought of, that actual laws were passed forbidding anyone but nobility to wear or own them. ...

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Echoes of Nature

The inspiration behind EarthWhorls’ distinctive handmade jewelry is the natural beauty, diversity, power and passion of the world around us. The artisan gemstone jewelry designs that appear on this site are unique creations; each is one-of-a-kind and no piece is ever replicated. The reason for this is the desire to stay true to the landscapes that produce the glorious gemstones I am privileged to work with. Whether opals from Peru and Australia or, turquoise from the American south west and Africa, each gemstone necklace, earring, bracelet and anklet attempts to represent its origins and to create a connection, for the wearer, to the natural world.

Genuine handmade jewelry is a labor of love. Each raw gemstone necklace, turquoise bracelet, pair of citrine earrings, is a gift from nature to you. My role is simply to provide the stage upon which stone and pearl and silver and crystal can perform.

What makes our designs unique is that each handcrafted jewelry concept begins with the stones and silver, pearls and crystal and evolves in the same way these earth offerings were created. I work slowly, patiently, and with the greatest of care and respect for the persona of each stone and for the story it wants to tell. Mostly, each design is a celebration of the most beautiful creations on earth.