EarthWhorls Celebrates the Passion of Pearls

August 23, 2016

40% off with code PEARLPASSION Pearls, mysterious, magical, made from the stuff of dreams and legends, slowly, over time.  Pearls were the fashion that identified my youth; grandma’s pearls, mother’s pearls, always in attendance at every occasion – however casual or grand. First came the outfit, then the hat and gloves were laid out and then, right before we were ready to leave, the jewelry box was opened and the appropriate pearls were selected.  Long or choker, gray or white, almost always perfectly round, they were the icing on the fashion cake. And I still love pearls.  My sister taught me to rub them lightly against your tooth to discover whether they were real or fake.  My mother admonished me...

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EarthWhorls Celebrates Turquoise 40% off Sale!!!

August 16, 2016

I love turquoise!  I love the myriad of colors it comes in, from deep, ocean green to clear sky blue and all the tones and shades in between.  Some people think turquoise is a good luck stone and especially so, when given as a gift.  I think the good luck comes from the beauty and the energy of the stones, so earthy and filled with such a sense of timelessness.I think of turquoise as an all year round stone, one that looks spectacular on summer whites and pastels but also, blows it out of the park when paired with black and deep shades of brown, gray, and blue. So, on a whim, I decided to put all turquoise, EarthWhorls designs...

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Echoes of Nature

The inspiration behind EarthWhorls’ distinctive handmade jewelry is the natural beauty, diversity, power and passion of the world around us. The artisan gemstone jewelry designs that appear on this site are unique creations; each is one-of-a-kind and no piece is ever replicated. The reason for this is the desire to stay true to the landscapes that produce the glorious gemstones I am privileged to work with. Whether opals from Peru and Australia or, turquoise from the American south west and Africa, each gemstone necklace, earring, bracelet and anklet attempts to represent its origins and to create a connection, for the wearer, to the natural world.

Genuine handmade jewelry is a labor of love. Each raw gemstone necklace, turquoise bracelet, pair of citrine earrings, is a gift from nature to you. My role is simply to provide the stage upon which stone and pearl and silver and crystal can perform.

What makes our designs unique is that each handcrafted jewelry concept begins with the stones and silver, pearls and crystal and evolves in the same way these earth offerings were created. I work slowly, patiently, and with the greatest of care and respect for the persona of each stone and for the story it wants to tell. Mostly, each design is a celebration of the most beautiful creations on earth.