EarthWhorls & The Gift of Turquoise

December 06, 2016

Today I woke to snow flakes falling and finally, a true belief that winter has arrived and with it, the joy and excitement, beauty and wonder, of the holiday season.We all have different reasons for, and different ways of, celebrating the holidays.  But one thing is for certain, we are all hoping to feel the warmth of friendship and the comfort of love.  We are all hoping to be connected to one another and to the awesome beauty of the world around us.I feel the connection to nature every time I pick up a stone.  I feel it every time I gaze at that stone and am awestruck by the journey it has taken to end up in my hand...

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EarthWhorls Counting Down to the Holidays 30% off all Handmade & Murano Glass

December 01, 2016

I am, as many of you know, a lover of natural elements.  I collect stones from all over the world; pebbles from beaches, rocks from mountain tops and the occasional (when I’ve been very lucky) fossil found in some remote place.  Most of my jewelry designs reflect my passion for nature. Because I also love how nature is interpreted through art, I adore working with really beautifully made, handmade glass.  I love the way glass artists create colors and patterns that echo the beauty of natural landscapes.  This week, one week only, I’m celebrating the holidays with a 30% off sale on all our handmade & Murano glass designs.A passion for handmade glass, as jewelry and for utilitarian and decorative purposes, goes all the way...

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Echoes of Nature

The inspiration behind EarthWhorls’ distinctive handmade jewelry is the natural beauty, diversity, power and passion of the world around us. The artisan gemstone jewelry designs that appear on this site are unique creations; each is one-of-a-kind and no piece is ever replicated. The reason for this is the desire to stay true to the landscapes that produce the glorious gemstones I am privileged to work with. Whether opals from Peru and Australia or, turquoise from the American south west and Africa, each gemstone necklace, earring, bracelet and anklet attempts to represent its origins and to create a connection, for the wearer, to the natural world.

Genuine handmade jewelry is a labor of love. Each raw gemstone necklace, turquoise bracelet, pair of citrine earrings, is a gift from nature to you. My role is simply to provide the stage upon which stone and pearl and silver and crystal can perform.

What makes our designs unique is that each handcrafted jewelry concept begins with the stones and silver, pearls and crystal and evolves in the same way these earth offerings were created. I work slowly, patiently, and with the greatest of care and respect for the persona of each stone and for the story it wants to tell. Mostly, each design is a celebration of the most beautiful creations on earth.