EarthWhorls Celebrates Memorial Day

by Deborah Rising May 25, 2016

I live in a small town in Connecticut.  We are a quiet town, very old New England with lovely quiet lanes, farms, rivers and the gorgeous Litchfield hills rising in the distance.  Every day I wake and look out my back windows at the fields that run down to two delightful, frog-filled ponds, towering trees resting at the base of the hills, and I feel a rush of peace and joy and gratitude.

In our small town, we have felt the pain of loss in the tragic death of one of our own young men whose Special Forces Helicopter went down in Afghanistan.  I know his father and I know how proud his family is of him and his ultimate sacrifice.

To honor his memory and the memory of all the young men and women who serve selflessly, with honor and bravery so that I (and you) can wake to a peaceful morning in a peaceful town in a peaceful country, I would like to donate 10% of the proceeds from all sales between now and Tuesday the 31rst, to the Pets for Vets organization. 

And to give you an incentive to participate in this donation, I’m offering a 25% off discount with code BECAUSETHEYSERVED.

To all of you who serve, who have served or, who have family members in the military, my heart felt thanks.  Because of you, we wake to peaceful mornings.  


Deborah Rising
Deborah Rising


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