June Celebration - Design Your Own Bracelet

by Susan A. Katz May 31, 2016 2 Comments

When I’m designing a piece of jewelry I start with the stones.  I put a number of them out onto my work bench and “live” with them for a while.  And, in the end, it is not I, but the stones that decide what they want to become.  

Perhaps citrine seems yearns to be paired with amethyst or, maybe it is grey pearls with deep, black onyx.  Maybe it’s a mixture of stones, colors blending together into quiet, or raucous, rainbows.  Maybe the piece is bold and daring or maybe, it’s quiet and subdued depending on the silent splendor of the stones to sing out its beauty and ultimately, sense of fashion.

To celebrate June, the true start of summer in my mind, I thought I’d give you a chance to design a piece of jewelry for yourself.  Tell me the colors you like.  Tell me the stones you like.  Tell me whether you like big and audacious or, soft and suggestive.

I’ll pick one winner, at random, from all the entries and I will design a piece of jewelry using as many of the colors and stones as possible to create a one of a kind, natural stone and sterling silver bracelet or pair of earrings (winner’s choice) for you!

That way, you start out summer showing off your taste, your style and your sense of fashion – with just a little help from EarthWhorls.  The value of the design will be up to $100.00!

So, leave a comment below this blog.  Tell me the colors and the stones you like.  Tell me whether you’re thinking bracelet or earrings.  Tell me a little about you so that I can start thinking of designs, ways of coaxing your stones to play beautifully together and show off your connection to natural elements.

The contest will end on Monday, June 6th.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday June 7th.

So, get in the spirit of summer – have some fashion fun – join EarthWhorls in designing your perfect piece of jewelry!  And, have a great day!

- Susan

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


2 Responses

Donna Harper
Donna Harper

May 31, 2016

I love pinks, blues, lavenders, and teals. I’m a child of the sea, so I love pearls in any color, shaper or size. Rose Quartz, amethyst, lapis and turquoise are stones I find myself drawn too more and more, these matched with pearls and I’m in heaven. Thank you Susan, for running these fun contests.

Catherine Katz
Catherine Katz

May 31, 2016

What an absolutely lovely idea! You are so versatile and creative! WOW! I love black, gray and white and I always love a nice pair of earrings! It is so generous of you to do this! I love it!

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