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by Susan A. Katz June 14, 2016

I’m so happy to present you with a guest blog today from Jessica Kane, who is a writer and blogger with a deep interest in arts and crafts.  Her blog today deals with exploring some minerals that make beautiful jewelry.  And this is so timely as EarthWhorls is proud to introduce our new “STONE LIBRARY”.  I’ll be talking more about that in the days and weeks ahead as we explore together, the power, energy and essence of stones.  - Susan

5 Minerals That Make Beautiful Jewelry
Natural minerals are becoming more and more popular in jewelry trends for their unique shine, composition, and beauty. While gemstones are classic in jewelry, there are many gorgeous minerals that are being used to make incredible jewelry pieces that are unique and timeless. Naturally occurring minerals hold strength, beauty, and shine, and they are quickly becoming the centerpieces for beautiful jewelry designs everywhere. Here are 5 Minerals that make beautiful jewelry.

Fluorite – All the colors of the rainbow:
Fluorite is a gorgeous and popular mineral that occurs naturally in almost all colors on the pigment spectrum. From deep, royal purples to light, minty greens, there is a beautiful fluorite shade for everyone! Naturally occurring and popular to many parts of the earth, fluorite makes a great mineral to use in jewelry. On a spiritual level, fluorite protects and stabilizes, bringing harmonious energy. It also helps increase focus.

Cacoxenite – Better Together:
Cacoxenite is what you might call a “tag along” mineral as it usually manifests itself in Amethyst and Quartz. It is an iron aluminum phosphate mineral associated with iron ores. It was first discovered in the Hrbek Mines of Bohemia in the Czech Republic but can be found in several places in the world. It is often called the “Stone of Ascension” because it is believed to bring spiritual awareness and provide an ethereal connection between the owner and the universe.

Aquamarine – Perfect crystals:
Most gems and minerals take hours to shape to form perfect pieces for jewelry, but aquamarine naturally forms in perfect crystals. These pieces are often larger than typical minerals and they boast a gorgeous transparent color. When heated, aquamarine can fade to a light blue. Aquamarine gives the wearer a consciousness and focus to master nerve wracking situations. It brings healing to self and others. Jewelers consider aquamarine a rare and beautiful mineral and pieces with aquamarine can sell for high prices. It is a precious mineral perfect for jewelry. 

Muscovite – Classy and Glassy:
Muscovite is the most common form of mica. This mineral comes in pinks, browns, yellows, and clear. It was found in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Muscovite sometimes produced thin transparent sheets that were used for window panes in some countries like Russia.  These sheets became known as “muscovy glass.” Other countries Muscovite can be found in are Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, just to name a few. In fact, this is a common stone found in large quantities around the world. This mineral has been known to bring awareness to a higher self. It also helps with lessening insecurities and self-doubt while bring out self-confidence and optimism.

Copper – Energy and light:
Copper is an excellent conductor of energy, making its uses versatile. It also makes a great mineral for creating jewelry. Traditionally, it was used to bring energy and light to the wearer, but also to connect two people over great distances. It is soft and easily formed into shapes. It is available in all different parts of the world. Although not typically used as a centerpiece to a piece of jewelry, it can easily be used in a band or chain.

Mineral use is the fastest growing trend in jewelry making and there are plenty of beautiful minerals to be used. The best part is that minerals naturally occur and are often easier to extract than gemstones. Mineral use is an earth-friendly trend that will take the jewelry market by storm!

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in arts and crafts, DIY, and other handmade products. She currently writes for Indian Traders, a leading vendor of pendleton blankets and jewelry.

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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