An Ode to Stones

by Susan A. Katz May 29, 2015

I am hoping to introduce you to a brand new way of looking at jewelry.  As a poet, I look at the world one word, one element at a time and from the sum of its parts, is born the whole.  And so it is, with my jewelry designs.

As a lover of Nature I want to tell you of my inspiration for my jewelry designs.  Inspiration is to be found in my walks along the back roads of my New England home, to bicycle rides along the western coast of Ireland. I find myself endlessly enchanted by the colors and textures, sights and sounds; every sense alive and aware of the exquisite beauty of the natural world.

As you stroll along the EarthWhorls landscape, I invite you to see into the stones, into the heart of the stones where the fierce flame of their beginnings, burns brightly.  From amethyst to amber, from carnelian to chrysoprase, from turquoise to tourmaline, stones are exquisitely unique.  It is this unique quality, in each stone I choose, that brings to life the echoes of nature in every one of my designs.  Listen and you will hear the stones…


Ode to Stones
Of all things made by wind and weather
Tamed by water and seasons and time
Hidden from sight like a word unspoken
The stone is Nature’s consummate rhyme.
From the purple blaze of an amethyst sunset
To the crystal stars in an onyx night
From the citrine glow of a new day dawning
To the amber warmth of the sun’s clear light
I find the reasons to touch and hold
And fashion with silver and gold and pearls
The beauty of stones that were passion born
Up from the earth’s mysterious whorls.

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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