by Jason Girard May 29, 2015

Have you ever stood on a mountain top, looking down at the world below, the sky above and mountains wrapped about you like an exotic cloak?  I have!  I’ve skied down from the top of mountains in the American west, in Europe and I’ve climbed mountains in places that range from forests in Montana to craggy peaks in upstate New York.  And one of my favorite things to do when I get to the top of a mountain is to yell out my joy at the beauty all around me and hear it echo back.

I think of my jewelry creations as “echoes of nature.”  They are calling back to me, to you, from the beginnings of time and telling us of their journey.  It is a celebration!  It is affirmation!  It is completion!  My jewelry designs reflect the stones they are made of, from turquoise to tourmaline, from amber to ametrine.  Some stones whisper and some stones shout but, they are all singing, if you just listen, you will hear them.


Ode to the Echoes of Nature
There are songs that are sung we may not hear
Songs with words that are made of stone
Songs that echo the beauty of nature
Songs that are sung in a silent tone
There’s the purple rush of an amethyst’s shimmer
Like a river that flows from the hills to the sea
And the quiet hush of peridot voices
Like a breeze playing gently in the leaves of a tree
And I’d swear I’ve heard a garnet singing
Robust and clear the joy of its name
And its voice is loud and pure and certain
As the lively heart of a leaping flame
There are songs that are sung we may not hear
Though we could if only we might know
That Nature lives in the soul of stones
And the song that it sings is named - echo.

Jason Girard
Jason Girard


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