The Magic of Moonstone

by Susan A. Katz June 18, 2015

Few stones seem to possess the quiet passion of moonstone.  In fact, some believe that if you are with the love of your life when the moon is full, and you are wearing a moonstone necklace, you will always have love and passion in your relationship.

 I can’t tell you if that is true or not but what I can tell you is, moonstone seems to have some qualities that are hard to explain.  When working with moonstone, I am struck by the feel of the stones in my hand; smooth and yet, almost soft to the touch – warm against my skin as though they are responding to my body heat and finally, the glow – it is as though the stone has some awareness, as though it fluctuates in color and intensity as you work with it.  Probably my imagination – I do have a lively one but, I never dismiss the power of stones – it is that power, I believe, that speaks to me and offers me direction and inspiration.

 I am always fascinated by the way stones find their names and what the story behind the name is all about.  The moon, for example, has myths about it that have grown and flourished in almost every culture, throughout history.  

 The full Moon in January is called the Wolf Moon.  It is named after the hungry wolves that prowled at night in Native American myth.  The Chinese believed that the moon was made of water.  They also believed that a white hare lived on the moon keeping watch over them.  The Mayans and Aztec worshipped the moon and thought of it as a deity.

 The “moonstone” was given its name by the ancient Greeks as they thought to describe the silvery light of a stone that was so reminiscent of the moon itself.  The Greeks believed that wearing a moonstone would enable the wearer to see into the future.  The Romans believed that a moonstone was actually made out of moonlight.

 Lovely stories about a lovely stone that is a joy to work with and becomes, when set in one of my designs, something greater than what I had originally imagined.  It is as though, each stone adds something of itself to each design – something that one can only describe as, “the magic of moonstone.”

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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