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EarthWhorls Celebrates the Beauty of Blue Gemstones in our July Collection

by Susan A. Katz July 30, 2015

I love the seasons.  I love the changing of the seasons.  I love the way Nature manages to celebrate each season with unique landscapes and a palette of gorgeous colors.  For me, summer is a season for slowing things down – taking a break from the frantic pace that seems part and parcel of our daily lives these days.  It’s a time for sky gazing and wave watching, river wading and stone skipping.  It’s a time for blueberry picking and blue bird watching and waiting impatiently for the purple blue Irises to blossom down by the pond.

 Nature, in summer, instructs us to believe in blue – believe in it, in all its intensity – all its subtlety – all its brilliance and, all its serenity.  It’s almost hard to believe that Nature has managed to capture that many different forms of energy in the simplicity of a stone.  But She has – indeed, She has.

 I have had the joy of creating the designs you see here from stones as diverse and wondrously blue as blueberry quartz, blue lace agate and kyanite.  Sometimes, I think it strange that a color associated with the cool, brisk winds of winter – blue ice – is able to instill in me a sense of warmth and wonder.  And yet, blue is for me as much at home in summer as it is in winter.  Just step outside – gaze for one moment at the sky and see in it all of the beauty – the changing hues and colors – textures and tones that you will see if you gaze deep into the beauty of blue stones.

 Enjoy the fleeting day of July – and summer…

 - Susan

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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