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by Jessica Girard August 21, 2015

Hi there! I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jessica and I'm the photographer and marketing director for EarthWhorls jewelry. I want to share with you just how versatile EarthWhorls jewelry is with any outfit, any season, and any occasion. 

As we move into the fall season,  layering is a huge trend in fashion.  Who says you can't do the same with accessories!  I personally love to to make a statement layering my necklaces in different lengths and in a variety of stones. It adds a little something special to each outfit. Mixing prints has always been a favorite trend for me.  So why not do the same with my jewelry?

Every EarthWhorls piece is unique and a one-of-a-kind.  I love that I can stand out from the rest with just my jewelry! Sometimes I even build my outfits around the jewelry. 

Pictured above, I wore a solid color crop top, so I really wanted to add some texture and dimension to my outfit. I started with a 17 3/4"  sterling silver wood sodalite piece. Next, was an agate sterling silver, tourmaline design. Last, was a stunning 16 1/2" Imperial jade and sterling silver necklace. 

For my "arm candy", I layered four different sterling silver bracelets. Two 8” jasper bracelets, both having uniquely colored stones. A 7 3/4" tourmaline bracelet, and a 7 1/4" fresh water pearls and hill tribe silver stone bracelet. 

These pieces together created a wonderful marriage, even though they weren't all exactly the same. 

Stay tuned to find a weekly post featuring different outfits and accessories! I'm excited to be teaming up with designer, Susan A. Katz from EarthWhorls. Not only do I have an obsession for fashion, I love, love, love jewelry! What woman doesn't? 

- Jessica

Jessica Girard
Jessica Girard


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