Ireland – The Land of Inspiration

by Susan A. Katz September 21, 2015 1 Comment

As many of you know, if you’ve been following along with my posts on FaceBook and other social media, I just got back from a two week trip to Ireland.  And now, because Ireland truly is a land of majestic landscapes, glorious seascapes, and people whose hearts are as big and welcoming as the land itself – I need to tell you a bit about it.

My husband, myself and two friends, biked (that’s pedaling type biking) along the western coast of Ireland for eight days and then, spent the rest of our time driving up along the coast into Northern Ireland.  We ended up in Belfast on our last night.

Because it was Ireland and, “You don’t come to Ireland for the weather, Dearie,” it rained and rained and cold winds blew and fog settled like a blanket over the cliffs and spread down into the sea.  And we loved every wet minute of it.  The scenery flew by us in a rush of green grass, rolling hills, and white sheep grazing on mountain tops, in valleys and, of course, in the middle of the road.  They are not, by the way, intimidated by four Americans on bicycles.  We know that because, one of us (not me) chased a sheep down a narrow country road in order for the rest of us to make our way down the steep and bumpy path.  Roads in Ireland are often little more than narrow lanes that must accommodate two lanes of cars and whatever stray sheep or flock of sheep happens to be in the neighborhood.  

What was intimidating, in the best possible way, was the endless rush of excitement as we crested a hill or came around a curve.  Cliffs that seemed to stretch up into the sky and down into the very core of the earth startled us with their beauty and majesty.  Clouds hovered overhead forming a kaleidoscope of white on blue – white on white – white on grey and then, because it’s Ireland, we were gifted with rainbows.  Rainbows that popped up for a moment or two and then faded or, ones that blossomed like a garden of flowers in spring time or spread like wings, across the sky.   

I met amazing people – farmers who had never left the tiny village they were born in, artists who sold their wares by the side of the road and innkeepers, whose welcome, as we came in damp and shivering, was as warm and sincere as any I have ever known.  I love Ireland and I am beyond inspired by it.  

I tell you this because, in the weeks and months ahead, the new designs that will be appearing on, will be the result of the creative spark lit in the flame of Ireland.  

There will of course, be greens in the form of peridot and tourmaline.  But there will be so many other colors as well, because Ireland is a land of passion and intensity – life and an enduring sense of history – warmth and wild beauty.  All of that and all that is Ireland, I hope to capture in stone and silver and share, with you!

May the road stretch before you and lead you, one day, to Ireland,


Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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