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EarthWhorls - Inspiration

by Susan A. Katz September 30, 2015

We are all inspired by something.  My husband tried valiantly to inspire me to exercise more.  He loves it – can’t get enough but, all his arguments, wheedling and cajoling didn’t do it for me.  What ultimately inspired me or rather who, was Billy Joel.  I started listening to his music and needed to move.  I ran to “Keeping the Faith,” jogged to “An Innocent Man,” danced to “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” and believed that if there had been even more albums than there are, I might have been “a contender.” And once lit, that fire still burns - I hear the music, and I move!

Before becoming a jewelry designer I was a full time poet and writer.  Writing was, and still is, a part of me. Ever since I was a little girl listening to my father read Rudyard Kipling poems to my sister myself, I loved words.  I loved the way they sounded when you put them together and, the way they tasted in my mouth.  I went on to become a Language Arts Consultant and Resident Poet for New York State Poets in the Schools programs and published, three poetry collections and two textbooks.  And writing is still my “go to” place when the muse lands on my shoulder or, there is something inexplicable in my life that needs untangling.



And then one day, my hands needed to create.  I felt the urge to translate my love of Nature into something tangible; to craft, just as I crafted my poetry – one word at a time - a design of stone and silver – one stone at a time.  My designs echo my awe of landscapes, dense forests, and barren deserts, storms on the horizon, still waters, and starry nights.  I can trace my fingers over the bark of a tree and feel the texture and translate that, in my mind’s eye, into a bracelet or necklace – see the stones coming together to recreate that sensory image.

This piece was inspired by a particularly glorious day.  The sky over the hills behind my home, was a particularly brilliant blue and, soft, wispy clouds floated aimlessly by.  The contrast was startling and beautiful and memorable and I needed to capture the image and save it, in stone.

 http://earthwhorls.com/products/1489snThis piece was inspired by a day at the beach on Cape Cod.  One could wander endlessly along the shore (and I often did) inspecting the stones and shells deposited by the sea – and find treasures: sea glass, and stones with barnacles attached and sometimes, a stone that echoed the power of wind and weather and endless eons of time.  The stones, shiny, wet and foam-flecked, were often jumbled together in a texturally delightful array.  This long Botswana agate necklace was my recreation of that scene.

This whimsical bracelet is my version of a field of Wind Flowers growing wild beside a country lane near where I live.  The flowers embrace every color one could imagine – are bright and shiny and joyful and that’s exactly what I intended this bracelet to be – joyful! Celebratory!

The world of Nature is wondrous beyond words, though I have often tried to capture it in poetry. It is magical, mystical and awe inspiring and, in some small way, my jewelry designs hope to capture the wonder and pass it on…

- Susan

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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