EarthWhorls Celebrates October

by Susan A. Katz October 06, 2015

We often think about jewelry buying and gift giving, in terms of holidays and occasions.  But for me, jewelry is about honoring something meaningful about each and every day of my life. In particular, I am one of those people, who are influenced, both emotionally and physically, by the seasons.




My favorite season, because it’s all about rebirth and new beginnings, is spring.  But I love extremes too. I am energized by really hot summers and really cold, snowy winters.  So why am I telling you about spring, summer, and winter when the season we’re in, is autumn?  Because for me, fall is, in some ways, the most powerful season of all.  It is about intense color, change, endings and a surge of excitement as we begin to anticipate the coming of winter.  It’s about letting go and grabbing on to.  It’s about promises you make to yourself to charge ahead into whatever the new season holds in store.  Jewelry in the form of stones and silver; fundamental earth elements, are evocative and expressive and unite you with the natural world around you – making you a part of it.  


It’s also about commemoration; taking the memories of summer green, as they explode into orange and red, gold and brown, russet and tan and capturing the energy of that canvas of color, in lasting elements of gemstone and silver.  It’s about Halloween and Thanksgiving and the rush we get when we anticipate how meaningful those holidays are for us as we celebrate them with children dressed up in costumes – noses red – chins and fingers sticky with chocolate and sugary goodies or, the overwhelming luscious smells of Thanksgiving – turkey in the oven – corn breads and pecan pies and cranberry mold on the counter.




And so my October collection is infused with all of that, it is vivid, intense, almost physical in the sense that many of the stones that I’ve used have inclusions of shapes and forms, colors and hues that seem to be moving, swirling, alive with a tangible vitality, like leaves spinning in the wind, capturing the very essence of this transitional season.

And buying a piece of jewelry, for you or, as a gift, is a way of seizing the moment, holding on to it, making it a permanent memory that is forever new, forever eloquent, and forever, right there, at your fingertips.  


Take out your warm wool socks, hat and mittens and, celebrate October with EarthWhorls!

- Susan

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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