White After Labor Day? Just Say Yes!

by Jessica Girard October 23, 2015

The rules of fashion have changed a great deal. In fact, there are no rules! You can wear what makes you feel good. If you feel good, you will look great! It will scream confidence to anyone. 

Yes you can wear white after Labor Day! These pants (Zara) are super comfy and the fit is very flattering for the office or a casual lunch. Again, on trend this fall with booties. I love the silver detail on the heel (Chinese Laundry).  I decided to add a pop of color with this beautiful orange sweater. (Target) it screams fall and not "hey do I remind you of the Great Pumpkin orange"!! 

At first glance, you would think this beautiful amethyst and citrine necklace wouldn't really match the sweater. As you can see from the photo, when laid against the sweater; you see hints of orange popping through the citrine stones. Perfection! I love the way Susan pairs her stones that she uses. She thinks out of the box! Just my style! 

I would love to watch her create a piece from start to finish. Leave comments below and maybe we can convince her to do a video soon! 

Happy Fashion Friday! Now run to your closet and think out of the box! I guarantee that you will find a a plethora of jewelry from EarthWhorls, that will meet your needs. 

- Jessica 

Jessica Girard
Jessica Girard


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