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EarthWhorls Earring Extravaganza!

by Susan A. Katz November 10, 2015 3 Comments

Many years ago, when I moved back to New York from California, I started going to a lovely little salon to have my hair cut and styled.  My first time there, I met a guy, right out of beauty school – 18 years old – and we hit if off and Bill, became my “hair guy” from then on.  I loved my early Thursday morning appointments.  The shop was quiet and we had lots of time for chatting and (yes) gossiping.

One morning I walked in and Bill, with a slight glint in his eye asked me, “Do you trust me?”  I have to say, I was a little surprised by the question and knew – there was no right answer.  If I said “no,” why was I letting him cut and style my hair every week?  If I said “yes,” what path was that leading down!  I said a timid, “Yes.”

“Great,” Bill replied, “because I just got this new contraption for piercing ears and I want to try it out on someone.  Sit down!”  I did – he did and, I made a fantastic discovery!  

Gone were my grandmother’s earrings – prim and proper and small and dainty.  Gone were the marks on my ears where the clips had pinched them into a sort of numb oblivion.  Bring on the funk – the fabulous – the fashionable – the frivolous – the fun!

And so, remembering that story, I thought, let’s celebrate earrings today.  If you’ve already signed up with your email at www.earthwhorls.com, we’ll be sending you a code for a 10% discount on all earrings.  And, as an added incentive, from all the email addresses, I’m going to pick one lucky winner who will receive a one of a kind, handmade, gemstone and silver, pair of earrings – Free!

Scroll to the footer of this site and sign up for our emails and, just so you know, that’s how you’ll find out about all my holiday specials.  If you’re already signed up – watch for your code in the mail.

- Susan

P.S.   When I moved out of New York and had to bid Bill a fond farewell – he was a grandfather!

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


3 Responses


December 27, 2015

The very first time I saw a clip from the City and recognized Olivia Palermo onto it. However, I have seen her on tv boefre, but can’t recall where. I have checked on imdb.com her listing of looks, however it does not give any help. Does anybody determine if she’s made guest looks on other shows???

Donna Harper
Donna Harper

November 16, 2015

Thanks for everything.

Donna harper
Donna harper

November 14, 2015

You are truly talented. Beautiful jewelry.

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