EarthWhorls Is Gearing Up For The Holidays!

by Susan A. Katz November 17, 2015

Before I tell you about some of the things coming up for the holidays, I wanted to thank those of you who signed up to receive emails from EarthWhorls during our Earring Extravaganza.  And, I wanted to tell you that we have a winner from our email list – it is:  drum roll please – Dr. Steve Osofsky!  Congratulations Steve and tell your wife, she’s got a great gift coming!

Holidays are what jewelry is all about.  Jewelry like the holidays is celebratory – fun – exciting – romantic and, creates memories that last a lifetime.  All of my designs are created, not just for the moment, but for all the moments when you want to feel special and close to nature.  

EarthWhorls designs echo the natural world; from gemstones from Africa to pearls from China and, everywhere in between, I use the finest elements I can find and create designs inspired by the world around me.

I live in a somewhat rural area.  Across the road is a lovely farm with cornfields in the fall and flowers in the summer.  Down the hill and across the fields behind my house, the Litchfield Hills rise up and slide towards the horizon.  I have a western view so, every night the sun sets behind those hills casting a glow over trees and ponds, fields and meadows.  All of this – all of nature gives me the sense that we are connected in some way to every sunset – every sunrise – every snow storm – every gentle rain and my designs, meant to delight and inspire you, reflect that belief.

For the holidays, I want to give you a chance to own a one of a kind EarthWhorls design and so watch for “Flash Sales”  “Discounts”  “Promotions” and yes, even “Giveaways.”  But, if you are not tuned in, you may miss out.  So, sign up on the website today and invite your friends to do so because, some of these holidays events will only be advertised by email and blog.

Have a great Tuesday and again, Congratulations to Dr. Steve Osofsky on winning a fabulous pair of earrings for his wife!!! 

- Susan


Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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