EarthWhorls Celebrates The Energy of Inspiration

by Susan A. Katz November 24, 2015 1 Comment

As we approach the holiday season, I feel a wondrous intensity in the air.  I feel a kind of collective desire to create special, memorable moments, cook scrumptious meals, outdo the neighbor’s holiday decorations and, ultimately create a holiday that, while fleeting in actual time, will last a lifetime in one’s heart. 

It’s because, I think, the holidays inspire us.  They inspire us to be creative and to tap into that inner self that wants to fashion something born of both passion and purpose.  And in a way, that’s exactly what EarthWhorls is all about – all year long.  I am inspired to create – to make something memorable – to celebrate the beauty I see all around me. And then, share it with you.  And in the spirit of the holidays, I decided I would like to celebrate the powerful energy of inspiration. 

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to someone who has inspired me, a young man who, it turns out, finds his inspiration in many of the same forces that motivate me. 

Please meet Christian A. Robinson of relive clothing @reliveclothing (Relive Clothing & Apparel is a Détroit based conscientious streetwear brand. Hope beyond the struggle.)  In his own words, Christian describes his inspiration to start his business as “…a message of hope to those who may have lost it.  Relive is a message of adaptation, of change, of growth and most importantly a message of overcoming life’s adversities.”  Christian also says, “Our mission is to spread the message of hope, change and rebirth through fashion forward clothes and apparel.”  And here’s where we intersect - EarthWhorls message is to provide you with a tangible connection to the beautiful planet we live on and the magnificent gifts it offers us, in the hope that we will sustain and nurture it.  “Hope is the thing with feathers…” as Emily Dickinson said in her lovely poem. 

I truly believe that all of us who are out there creating something with our hearts and our minds and our passions, are connected.  We are celebrating beauty whether it is of the natural world or, of the world of the heart and the spirit. We are, in the end, hoping to inspire you!

Thank you so much Christian, for sharing your site with me and, for giving me an insight into what inspired you to start your own business – relive clothing.

Please visit and relive clothing and then, let Christian and me know, by commenting below, what, or who, has been a source of inspiration in your life.

Wishing you all a very joyful, love filled Thanksgiving, 

- Susan

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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December 27, 2015

remembera0jamie+tony’s rock the dress session that we retlncey photographed at the gorgeousa0grounds for sculpture in hamilton, nj. a0 well, what i forgot to mention in that post was that while we were setting up a new shot for them i caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of a happy couple up on the hill behind us. a0my first thought was oh cool, look how awesome the light is hitting those two over there that should be our next location we go for some more photos. a0i picked up my camera, aimed it at the cute couple to get an exposure reading of the scene and that’s when it happened. a0at the exact second i shot my first frame this guy began his engagement proposal to his girlfriend. a0it was really one of those rare moments in life that you can’t believe just happened in front of you. a0i made sure to snag the glowing bride-to-be’s email address so she can relive that moment again through these images. a0i hope they enjoy them as much as i did capturing them. a0(:

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