EarthWhorls Has a Winner!

by Susan A. Katz December 15, 2015

And the winner of the mystery pair of earrings from last Tuesday’s guessing game is… Dan Wood! Congratulations Dan, I’ll have those in the mail to you tomorrow.  That’s two contests in a row where the guys have gone home with the loot.  Ladies – get your game on!

But, here’s the thing – we only had one other correct guess, Carlene Hamerlin, so Carlene – I will be sending you apair of earrings as well.  Not the same, as you know that I never replicate a design but, a beautiful pair of earrings as a way of saying “thank you so very much” for participating in the contest and, for being a friend of EarthWhorls.


The Story

EarthWhorls is all about the earth, its beauty, its wonder and its endless inspiration.  But, EarthWhorls is also, about people.  Recently, I had a young woman from Canada, Tenealle, contact me about wanting to buy a bracelet for a friend.  But, she had very limited funds to spend.  Normally, I don’t make up special orders that way but, somehow Tenealle’s desire to do something for someone else, touched me.  I made the bracelet, far more expensive than the amount EarthWhorls was being paid – shipped it free and got a wonderful response when it arrived.  And then, I sent back the check that Tenealle had sent me.  And you know what?  Sending that check back made me feel really good!  The moral is, I guess, that sometimes what we do is more about how it makes us feel than how much we get paid for it.  And sometimes, getting paid in the joy you can bring to others, is, as they say, priceless.  Happy Holidays Tenealle to you and your friend, from me and the folks at EarthWhorls!

 Bring joy to someone else this holiday season.  You will love the way it makes you feel.  And remember, EarthWhorls can still get your order to you, shipped free, gift wrapped and, in time for the holidays.

 Thought for the day – When you celebrate beauty, beautiful things happen!

 - Susan

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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