It's all in the little details...

by Jessica Girard January 22, 2016

Happy Fashion Friday!
Today's post is all about finding the little details in fashion. Pictured: booties from Zara. Leggings with faux leather patches: Loft and I found this adorable sweater from Michael Kors. I love the leather pockets on the front. It takes a plain sweater and turns it into an interesting sweater! Because of that small detail, I decided to pick out a couple of necklaces that have the special small detail. The first is a beautiful handmade glass and onyx necklace, the other is a long quartz, onyx and Hill Tribe silver necklace I've doubled over.
I love how each piece has a different texture from the next. Yet, they appear as if they were made for each other! This is what makes Susan's creations so unique and magical. 
Stay fashionable, stay warm, and stay safe. 


Jessica Girard
Jessica Girard


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