EarthWhorls Celebrates Love: Valentine's Day Sale

by Susan A. Katz January 26, 2016

“Love is the voice under all the silences…” – E.E. Cummings

Valentine’s Day became a holiday for celebrating love in the era of the High Middle Ages in “the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer.”  A time, they say, for “courtly” love, expressions of love, the giving of gifts and words of poetry and praise.  It seems these days, we have little time for waxing poetic but, we certainly have time, or must make it, for expressing those things that live deep within our hearts: love and friendship.

To be very honest, making jewelry for me is an act of love.  I am entranced by the beauty of the materials that I get to work with.  I feel as though I am being given a gift, each time I find a new stone or a new, beautifully handmade piece of silver, or a pearl from the China Sea or incredible polished amber beads from Africa.  And when those stones or beads or silver elements “sing” to me of what they want to become, I feel energized, creative, inspired and strive to express those feelings in my designs.

And so, for Valentine’s Day, a holiday designed to celebrate love, relationships and meaningful friendships, it seems more than reasonable that I should express my deep gratitude and affection for all of you who follow and support my work.  Obviously, I can’t give each of you a gift of jewelry but, I can give you a gift that makes it possible for you, to give a gift of jewelry.  

MYHEART2YOURS is the code that will provide you with a $25.00 discount on any EarthWhorls design from now until February 14th.  But, to have your gift arrive in time to have it light up someone’s Valentine’s Day, you’ll need to order sooner rather than later. (All items shipped Free and Gift Wrapped!)

In a world that seems always to be a bit too frantic and a whole lot too stressful, concentrate on love and, take a moment to stroll through the “gardens” of EarthWhorls and “pluck” the perfect gift for that perfect someone and make this Valentine’s Day a day you will both remember, always!   My thanks to all of you “love”ly people,


Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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