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EarthWhorls Fashion Friday

by Jessica Girard February 05, 2016

In a Fashion Rut?

Far too often, we fall into a fashion rut. We stand in front of closets and feel completely uninspired. That causes a trip to the mall, which could get pricey.

I've discovered a solution!

Head to your favorite designer/store websites and start browsing. Just browse!!! Many times, I find that I have similar pieces of clothing and I can create a new look with what already exists in my closet! Sometimes, it takes a little inspiration to get you out of that rut. That also means, more money can go towards your fabulous jewelry collection from EarthWhorls

As I was browsing the Loft website, I found this outfit. I have similar pieces to this look! With a denim blazer, you can pretty much play with any type of color/stones from the February collection

I decided this fun statement piece would be stunning for this basic/classic and casual look.

Stay inspired!

Happy Fashion Friday
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Jessica Girard
Jessica Girard


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