EarthWhorls Treasure Hunt Tuesday

by Susan A. Katz March 15, 2016 3 Comments

I’m so sorry that I’m getting my Treasure Hunt Tuesday email and blog, out late today!  Maybe I’m suffering from an early case of spring fever but, whatever the reason, I just couldn’t quite get everything done on time.  However, they do say, “better late than never,” so, here goes…

Follow the clues to the piece of jewelry on the site, you believe is the treasure.  Comment, with your answer, on the site and leave the item number and the name of the piece you’ve chosen.  The first one to get the right answer – wins!  And we all know, winning is great!  If we have a tie – the first answer will win and the second right answer will receive a coupon code in the amount of the treasure. After two “winners” the contest will be over.

 I’m feeling a bit poetic today – so get ready to look for treasure…

I shine all seasons bright and clear
My light though everywhere
Is never near
My color is as soft as the blush
On a rose
My name sounds delicious
As everyone knows
I think you would love me
And wear me each day
To work to the theater or
Just out to play
I am not overwhelming nor overly
Shy I will I am sure
Catch everyone’s eye
So find me please find me and
Then take me home
With your eyes and your fingers
You may start to roam
Through the gardens of stones
That are shiny and bright
Remember light shines
In the day AND the night!


Just to let you know, the photos of jewelry that I’ve added to the email newsletter – are not the treasure but, they do hold a clue…

Have fun and good luck,

- Susan

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


3 Responses


March 17, 2016

My answer is: Sunstone, Hill Tribe & Sterling Silver Flexible Bracelet

Donna Harper
Donna Harper

March 15, 2016

Cherry Quartz, pearl a and silver necklace.


March 15, 2016

CHERRY QUARTZ & SILVER EARRINGS not sure where to find the item number.

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