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by Susan A. Katz January 17, 2018


A gift of love, inspiration, natural beauty & memories

From agate to quartz, from amethyst to topaz, chakra stones offer a beautiful, natural way to reinforce the positive energy in your body.  If you believe that we are connected to this earth in a deeply symbiotic way, then you feel the inherent spirit of stones and understand that they are not only beautiful, but meaningful as well.

What better time to give a gift of meaning, a gift of memories, a gift of love, than on the holiday that celebrates love, Valentine’s Day.  For me, working with stones, sun filled citrine, tantalizing tourmaline, amazing amethyst and all the other glorious chakra stones, is an opportunity to reconnect every day with the power and vitality of the world around me.

This Valentine’s Day, give (or receive) a gift from the earth, filled with wonder and beauty, and, always at EarthWhorls, fashion! 


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Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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