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EARTHWHORLS CELEBRATES “Mix & Match” Fashion for Spring

by Susan A. Katz March 21, 2018

As a kid growing up in Manhattan and taking that occasional visit to 5th Avenue to shop for some very special occasion, it was all about “coordinating,” according to those in the “fashion know” of the time.  White bobby socks (I know I’m giving away my age) and white gloves with a white bow on my Bowler Derby hat.  And, there was that tiny string of white pearls that had been a birthday gift from my grandmother.  I was decked out to perfection.  And, I was a bit boring…

Today, we celebrate diversity in fashion.  We celebrate stripes with checks, blue with black, elegant sweaters with those fashionably worn jeans, six different bracelets (different colors) streaming up and down our arms and, earrings that don’t match our necklace.  In other words, we love to “Mix & Match!”

At EarthWhorls, where nature inspires fashion, designs come together much the same way flowers do in a garden, they sprout confidently and energetically.  Whether your choice is a pearl necklace with African clay bead earrings or, a long and short necklace with different stones or, two bracelets that are very different but, will form a lasting friendship on your arm, we applaud your choices and encourage you to let your style go wild!

So, speak up and speak out with new EarthWhorls jewelry designs for spring.

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Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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