free pair of earrings with purchase of any necklace or bracelet! Code: STONESROCK

free pair of earrings with purchase of any necklace or bracelet! Code: STONESROCK

EarthWhorls Celebrates Personal Style

by Susan A. Katz August 30, 2016 2 Comments

When I was a kid, making a choice about which dress to buy or which pair of shoes looked best with which outfit, was my worst nightmare.  I was only too happy to have my mom make all those “fashion” decisions for me.  And then…

Well, you know how it goes.  One day you wake up and you have a sense of yourself.  You have a feeling for the person you are and the person you want others to see.  Maybe you find yourself becoming the “jean and tee shirt” type or, the “long, flowing dress type” or, you favor that tailored look that seems so well put together.

The point is, of course, your style and fashion sense become an extension of who you are.  The colors you wear, your sense of adventure in putting stripes with plaids or, how you discover you have a thing for “layering” or maybe, it’s all, always about elegance or, earthiness, define you to those around you.

At EarthWhorls, my jewelry designs are an extension, not only of my sense of fashion but, of my sense of the vast and varied world of nature.  Each design is a celebration of the power and beauty, energy and essence, of the natural stones, gemstones and silver, pearls and crystal that are, a gift from nature.  And those stones, those designs are created to create a mood, to be subtle or extravagant, raw or polished, long or short, wild and wonderful or, sensitive and shy.

I’d love to give you a chance to express yourself with a piece of EarthWhorls jewelry:

Simply leave a comment under this blog and tell me which, of all the pieces on the site is your favorite jewelry design.  Which is the piece that speaks to your sense of fashion and expresses that very special, inner you?  Just for leaving a comment, I will send you a personal code for a $35.00 discount!  

Celebrate your style at EarthWhorls.  Mom would be so proud!!!

-Have a happy holiday weekend,

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


2 Responses

Robyn Ballentine
Robyn Ballentine

August 31, 2016

The turquoise and silver necklace if I had to choose one.. buy really all your pieces speak in different tones.. love them all.

Donna Harper
Donna Harper

August 30, 2016

Susan, I love all your designs!!! Right now my favorite is the copper pearl and sterling bracelet. Thanks for your blog. Have an awesome day.

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