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EarthWhorls Celebrates Stones Of Love

by Susan A. Katz January 10, 2017

As we approach the “Holiday of Love” Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun (and maybe helpful) to look into some of the connections thought to exist between certain gemstones and love.  These “powers” that have been linked with certain stones range from, attracting love to safeguarding love, from turning desire into love to improving current loving relationships.  Perhaps, it is not their “power” alone that one associates with love but, their delicate and startling beauty, as well.

One of these “Love Stones” is, Chrysoprase.   It is thought to empower you to “center yourself within your heart,” allowing for love to flow freely from and, to you.  From a fashion perspective, Chyrsoprase is a divine stone to work with.  It can be soft and gentle as a breeze through summer grass or powerful, deep, dark and mysterious.

What a beautiful and meaningful stone and so filled with the earthy elegance of nature.  The perfect stone perhaps, for the perfect lady for Valentine’s Day!

Next week – Moonstone!

- Susan

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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