EarthWhorls Celebrates Summer’s Easiest to Wear Jewelry – EARRINGS Take 50% off the total when you buy two pair! Code: TWOPAIR!

by Susan A. Katz July 11, 2018

I know it’s hot and sometimes, when the humidity soars, jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces, maybe even rings, become just a bit more than your poor sweltering body can handle.  But EARRINGS are so easy and so much fun and, let you turn up the heat yourself on fashion without turning up the temperature!

Long or short, big or small, earrings offer a stylish way to dress up your summer outfits and give you that sense of being “all in” in your quest for fashion, even when all you’re wearing is a simple, summer shift.  Check out our huge array of handmade, one of a kind, boho style earrings that have been inspired by nature and have a passion for fashion, I bet you’ll find far more than two that call your name but, how about starting with two and taking 50% off with code: TWOPAIR   

I ship free, fast and gift wrapped.  You shop easily online with a click of the finger.

Let the fun begin…


Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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