EarthWhorls Celebrates “Summer Style” Mix & Match 25% off your entire order with code: MYSUMMERSTYLE

by Susan A. Katz May 25, 2018

Summer is a time for fun, for adventure, for doing something out of the ordinary, for letting go and flying high!  Why not take that attitude into your summer jewelry style as well!  It doesn’t have to always be black and white with black and white, turquoise with turquoise, amethyst with amethyst.  Jewelry, like nature, is meant to just happen and to provide a beautifully organic, free-spirited look and feel, to your wardrobe.

Check out all our one of a kind, handmade designs and when the ones that call your name can’t be resisted, click the “shop now” button at and, take 25% off your entire order with discount code: MYSUMMERSTYLE

Let’s explore some mix and match options…

Strawberry Quartz Necklace with an amethyst bracelet – bring out the lights of hot summer days and starry summer nights with the soft glow of quartz and the purple blaze of amethyst!


How about these glorious agate stones paired with the mysterious glow of Cat’s Eye! 


Think about pairing these sun light bright citrine earrings with the cool, earthy elegance of turquoise! 


Remember the words of fashion designer, Coco Chanel – “I don’t do fashion, I AM fashion.”

Be the fashion you want to create with one of a kind, handmade, nature inspired jewelry by EarthWhorls!


Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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