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by Susan A. Katz September 27, 2018

Aside from its natural beauty, the array of shades it comes in and the fact that purple is the color of royalty, amethyst also has very deep spiritual meaning.

Some people call amethyst the “Romance crystal” believing it encourages feelings of love.  It is said that Cleopatra wore an amethyst ring she was certain symbolized love, light and life.  Leonardo Di Vinci wore an amethyst ring as well and was confident it would dissipate negative thoughts and heighten intelligence.

Amethyst stones have been worn into battle for centuries, soldiers believing they would protect them from harm.  In Christian and Catholic churches, Bishops wear an amethyst ring as a sign of purity.

What I love about amethyst is its beauty and rich variety of colors.  Ranging from deep, dark almost midnight colored to the soft, subtle mauve of a subdued sunset.  I love the way amethyst makes me feel; elegant, beautiful, fashionable.  And most of all, I love that amethyst is an affordable stone, one that everyone can own, wear and enjoy.

Celebrating the allure of amethyst, I’m offering 30% off any design with the word amethyst in the title – code: MYAMETHYST

Fall is here, winter is on its way and the holidays are waiting just beyond the next corner.  Be ready, with a gift of amethyst for yourself or for someone you love, a gift that will keep on giving for a lifetime!


Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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