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by Susan A. Katz July 25, 2018

The art of the necklace!  Long or short, bold or mellow, the necklace has been a fashion and spiritual statement for centuries and beyond…

Back in the stone age, some 40,000 years ago, necklaces of bone and shell were in style.  Archaeologists even believe they found a necklace that dates back 75,000 years ago consisting of forty-one mollusks.  Whether they were adorning themselves with elements that they thought of as beautiful or, there was some spiritual component, giving the wearer a sense of safety and protection, necklaces have been around a very, very long time.

The ancient Egyptians wore necklaces, men and women, mostly to indicate their elevated status in society.  During the Classical Greek period (from about 480 to 300 BC) necklaces were created primarily in a three-dimensional form.  They were mostly representative of animals and plants.

Today we wear jewelry for many of the same reasons that our distant ancestors did.  We wear them because they’re beautiful, because they make us feel beautiful or fashionable and, they often represent something spiritual for us – stones that are protective or energizing or calming.  My designs, inspired by nature, hope always to capture the sublime essence of nature; not only the beauty, but the power, vitality, complexity, versatility, and endless wonder of natural elements like stones, pearls, crystals, silver and shells.

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Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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