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by Susan A. Katz January 31, 2018

I love to give gifts.  And, I won’t deny it, I love receiving them as well.  Any excuse to start searching for that perfect gift for someone I care about, and I’m on the case!  Any package with a bow and my name on it, and I’m in heaven! 

We seem, in general, to love celebrating occasions with gifts, from birthdays to anniversaries to holidays.  And sometimes, the reason is a “just because” moment; I saw it and thought of you and wanted to give it to you, kind of moment.

I imagine, like me, you assumed that the most pleasure, in the exchange of gifts, was felt by the person on the receiving end.  However, recent studies have discovered something rather surprising: “Gifts are more for the pleasure of the giver than the recipient.” Remember that great feeling when you nailed the perfect gift for that perfect person?  I do!

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By the way, researchers have also found that when gifts are given, they strengthen the bonds between the giver and the receiver.  Make this Valentine’s Day a truly memorable one, a meaningful one, a bond strengthening one with a gift created with love, inspired by nature and designed, to last a lifetime.


Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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