EarthWhorls Celebrates the Poetry of Stones “Write Your Own Stone Poem” with 40% off Any one design you select with code: STONEPOEM

by EarthWhorls LLC February 28, 2018

When you look at a particularly dramatic sunset, your emotional response to it may very well be totally different than mine.  I might see a “heartbeat of time” and you might see, “a river of rainbow.”  Nature touches us in different ways and composes different melodies inside of us.

As I fashion my jewelry, I am inspired by nature but also, by my emotional reaction to the stones, to the way they come together to form patterns and shapes and designs.  For me, this is “stone poetry.” So, it is without a doubt that I know that not every one of my designs will delight you but, it is my hope, that certain ones will.  Certain ones will resonate with you in meaningful, fun, frivolous and fabulous ways.

So today, honoring the “poetry of stones,” I’d like to offer you 40% OFF the design of your choice.  The design that inspires within you something special.  Perhaps it is the stones themselves or perhaps, it is the way the stones blend with one another imagining a unique and fascinating landscape that, through the wonder of accessorizing, becomes the essence of fashion.  Your code: STONEPOEM

As winter begins to fade into spring, we begin to envision new possibilities.  It won’t be long before I’ll be noticing the buds on the forsythia and the crocus will begin to break through the softening soil.  What a great time to celebrate the beauty of nature through the fun of fashion by choosing the one EarthWhorls design that has been calling your name.

Have a great week! 


EarthWhorls LLC
EarthWhorls LLC


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