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by Susan A. Katz June 06, 2018 1 Comment

I think that we can all basically agree that there are no two of us who are exactly the same.  Each of us has unique qualities, tastes and style.  Just for the fun of it and, to give you a chance to receive a $20.00 Gift Card, I’d love for you to take the following quiz.  It will certainly help me to understand why you are a fan of EarthWhorls and it may give you, insight into the “Fashionista” living inside of you.


  1. I wear jewelry because
    A. I like the way it makes me look
    B. I like the way it makes me feel
    C. I believe in the healing power of stones
  2. I prefer to wear…
    A. Earrings
    B. Bracelets
    C. Necklaces
    D. A combination of all three
  3. My favorite jewelry colors are
    A. Purple/Pink
    B. Yellow/Gold
    C. Shades of green
    D. Other______________________
  4. When wearing jewelry I like to
    A. Have my pieces match
    B. Mix & match subtly
    C. Pair vastly different styles and colors
  5. In general I would describe my style as
    A. Casual
    B. Dressy
    C. Elegant
    D. Earthy
  6. I tend to wear jewelry
    A. Everyday
    B. For special occasions
    C. For Sentimental reasons
    D. For spiritual reasons
  7. Handmade jewelry is important to me because
    A. I feel it is more unique
    B. I feel a connection to the artist who created it
    C. I feel it adds value to the piece
  8. I like jewelry best when
    A. I buy it for myself
    B. Someone gives it to me as a gift
    C. It gets handed down to me from someone meaningful in my life
  9. The most important thing about a piece of jewelry is
    A. The Design
    B. The Stones
    C. The Energy
    D. The Price
    E. A combination of ________________
  10. I follow EarthWhorls because________________________________.

Thanks so very much for taking the quiz!  I am always striving to make EarthWhorls a more meaningful experience for my followers and for my customers.  Your answers may just help me do that!

Fill out the Quiz by leaving a comment below and receive a $20.00 Gift Card by email.  *So be sure we have your email address!


Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


1 Response

Donna Harper
Donna Harper

June 06, 2018

1.). All three
2.). D
3.). Most colors, especially purple and of course pearls.
4.). B and C.
5.). Casual dressy
6.). Everyday.
7.). All three
8.). All three
9.). E. A combination of all 4.
10.) Susan makes beautiful jewelry and I feel like I have something different than everyone else.

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