EarthWhorls Explains How to Care for Your Jewelry

by Susan A. Katz February 21, 2018

Caring for your jewelry is a little like caring for your plants.  It takes a bit of time and a bit of love.  But, just like watching that Christmas cactus spring to life, it is very rewarding!

Here are some tips on how to keep your natural stone and sterling silver, African clay bead and handmade glass, pearl and crystal jewelry looking sparkling new and always ready to wear.

1.  When not wearing your jewelry, always store in a dry environment – nothing messes with the sparkle of silver and the beauty of stones like exposure to moisture.

2.  Do not spray on perfumes or hair sprays after you’ve put your jewelry on – it settles on the jewelry and dulls it and can, with pearls and silver, cause real damage over time.

3.  Do not toss your jewelry in a jewelry box!  Harder stones can damage or scratch softer ones and silver is a relatively soft metal and easily scratched or dented. Lay them carefully side by side and, to layer them, separate the layers with a soft cotton dish towel.

4.  Pearls need very special attention.  The oil in the skin lubricates pearls and keeps them looking bright and beautiful – so, do be sure to wear your pearls often.  Wearing them against your skin will provide lustrous results.

5.  Be gentle!  I know, because I’m guilty of it, that very often putting jewelry on and taking it off is done in a hurry.  It may be that finishing touch before you bolt out the door.  But remember, jewelry is somewhat delicate and needs to be treated with care.  Take the extra few minutes to put on, or remove, your jewelry gently and carefully.  It will serve you well in the long run and, keep me from spending time on repairs.

6.  Invest in an inexpensive small jewelry cleaning machine.  Most of them use a high-frequency sound to clean your jewelry in a matter of minutes.  I like to use Weiman Jewelry Cleaner in my machine.  The results are amazing and, many of these cleaners are relatively inexpensive and small enough to store anywhere.

7.  If a bit of stubborn tarnish lingers on a piece of sterling, Hill Tribe or Bali silver, use an electric toothbrush with a soft brush, a small amount of Weiman Jewelry Cleaner and a delicate touch.  This is particularly good at getting to those hard to reach places on silver beads and chains.

8.  Pearls, coral, amber, handmade glass and African clay beads should only be cleaned with a soft, moist cloth.  

9.  And this may be the most important tip of all – buy jewelry you love, jewelry that makes you happy, that makes you feel good and then caring for it – well, that will bring you almost as much pleasure as wearing it!

Have any questions or comments?  I’d love to hear them – just post them in the comment section below.


Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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