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EarthWhorls Launches the Library of Gemstones and Natural Stones

by Susan A. Katz June 21, 2016

Discover the stories told in stones from the powers of healing to the mysteries of the origins of the universe

Everything we seek can be found in a single stone!  From the powers of healing to the mysteries of the origins of the universe, stones tell the story from the beginning.

Dating back to our oldest ancestors, from the beginnings of our origins, people have found something magical in stones.  They have sought their beauty and recognized their value. Our ancestors also found an inexplicable energy and power that ranges from physically connecting us to the natural world, to energies that heal the sick and enrich the spirit.

As a jewelry designer, I work with stones on a daily basis: lapis lazuli, ruby, turquoise, moonstone, amethyst, chyrsoprase, agate and many others.  While some may speak of stones as silent, I find that each stone has a voice and if you listen, you can hear it singing.  It sings of dark places, storms and endless seasons.  It tells of time, rolling endlessly onward and of a journey towards light.  It tells of forces beyond imagining that went into its creation and it offers, simply by being, an opportunity for us to become part of the physical world around us.

Whether on the beach, wet with foam and lit by the sun, or hidden in amongst the leaves in a deep, dark forest, stones are keepers of the secrets of all that has been.  They have been found and transformed into jewelry or tools or, in some cases, “mediums” to channel our energy and make it more powerful.  In Persia, for example, magicians used agate to divert storms. Ametrine, in ancient times, was believed to reflect the cosmos and is associated with the planets, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune and Pluto. Aquamarine, in the Middle Ages, was believed to reduce the effects of poison.

Today, we use stones for their incredible beauty, and we use them as chakras to physically and spiritually renew and restore us.  As a way of celebrating the worlds within stones, EarthWhorls.com is proud to introduce our new Stone Library at http://earthwhorls.com/pages/stone-library, where we explore the vast and endless possibilities that can be found in the song and substance of handcrafted gemstones and natural stones.

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Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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