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EarthWhorls - Moonstone & Magic

by Susan A. Katz January 17, 2017

Beneath the outer “shell” of feldspar (the element moonstone is made of) there is a glow, a sheen that seems almost to be moving as though, moonlit was reflecting off the surface of a gently flowing river.

Why is moonstone the perfect gift to give this Valentines Day?  Here’s one very good reason:  It has been whispered that if you give your loved one the gift of moonstone, when the moon is full, you will ensure that the passion you feel for one another, will never die.  Would you like another good reason?  Moonstone is said to reunite the hearts of lovers who have quarreled.  That in itself speaks of magic!

And finally, here’s the best reason of all…  Moonstone is a joyous stone, a beautiful, mystical, magical gemstone that offers one a chance to wear the glow of moonlight around their neck, on their wrist or dangling gracefully in the form of earrings.  I love working with moonstone as these astounding gemstones seem to calm me and bring me greater creative energy and awareness.

Moonstone and magic for Valentines Day because, after all, isn’t Love the most magical feeling of all!  

Have a magical, moonstruck week,

- Susan

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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