free pair of earrings with purchase of any necklace or bracelet! Code: STONESROCK

free pair of earrings with purchase of any necklace or bracelet! Code: STONESROCK

EarthWhorls -The Art of the Necklace Winter Fashion Sale

by Susan A. Katz October 25, 2016

After a few days in the 80’s last week, the temperatures have tumbled.  We woke to a 39 degree reading outside our bedroom window this morning and I, for one, am celebrating!  I love the seasons!  I love the chill of fall rushing recklessly into the frigid winds of winter.  I love snow storms and nights when the wind howls and I am safe and snug by the fireplace and dreaming of the morning when I wake to sunlight bouncing like diamond crystals off the snow.

And I love, as well, being a jewelry designer, the fact that fall and winter clothing are the perfect background for necklaces; short and long, doubled or looped, dark or light in color.  I, for one, am a turtleneck lady.  And I love pairing that look with long, flowing necklaces.  Sometimes I wear two or three or sometimes, just one doubled, is the perfect look.  And fashion today, is into that old, classical look of long necklaces.  You know the kind, worn in period movies by the lady who carried the keys to the castle around her neck. 

Or, in the case of my great Aunt, she wore a small, gold dipped, magnifying glass on a chain that seemed to gracefully end at her knees.  I loved it!  I wanted one just like it when I grew up.  And, while I don’t have Aunt Esther’s magnifying glass, I have stolen her fashion sense, and wear those long, lovely necklaces with a sense of stepping back in time.

Don’t get me wrong - when I wear a rounded neck or open collar, I’m a sucker for a choker.  Pearls or stones, African clay or handmade glass and always, companioned by sterling silver,  they all add that fabulous “finishing touch” to my fall and winter sense of fashion and style.

And so, today, to get you started on the road to your own fall and winter necklace fashion – I’m offering 25% off all necklaces for one week.  Code – NECKLACEFEVER

Get out the sweaters, stack up the wood, put a great soup into the slow cooker and head out the door wearing an EarthWhorls necklace to celebrate the season! And, “Let it Snow!!!”

- Susan

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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