free pair of earrings with purchase of any necklace or bracelet! Code: STONESROCK

free pair of earrings with purchase of any necklace or bracelet! Code: STONESROCK

EarthWhorls & Valentine’s Day

by Susan A. Katz February 07, 2017

If you’re like me, you probably believe as I do that every day is a day to celebrate love.  Then why, I wondered, did we set apart one particular day to observe “love?”  I suspect, that in our busy lives, we often overlook the moment, let what’s on our tongue, go unspoken, leave what’s in our heart, unrevealed.

Valentine’s Day gives us a chance, gives the men in our lives a “second” chance, to proclaim the joy that love, and loving brings into their lives, into all of our lives. 

Some fun facts about Valentine’s Day and how it came to be…

During the time of the Roman Empire, Emperor Claudius II did not want his soldiers to marry during wartime.  However, Bishop Valentine went against his wishes, believing that love was the best armor a man could carry into battle, and performed secret weddings.  For this, the poor Bishop was jailed and executed.  Before he died, he sent a note to the jailor’s daughter and signed it, “from your Valentine.”

Based on sales, it is thought that 3% of pet owners will send their pet a Valentine’s Day card or get them a gift.

Most cards and gifts for Valentine’s Day are bought six or less days prior to the holiday, making it a bit of a race to the finish line. * On a good news note, still lots of time to order your gift and have it at your door, shipped free and gift wrapped!!!

And on a really romantic note, 220,000 couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day!

Because love is meant to last, I’ve always thought the gift that expresses it, should be lasting too.  A gift of a one of a kind, handmade jewelry design will be there, through all the years ahead, to remind her of what you may, forget to say!

Whatever the question, LOVE is the answer!


Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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