Gemstones for Fall Fashion

by Susan A. Katz September 13, 2017

Every season we seek reasons to add to our fashion wardrobes. We want that cool new look in jackets – short and a bit military in style or, we want those fabulous new pants that have just the tiniest bit of flair at the ankle. And we also want, crave, the accessories that turn a beautiful outfit into a memorable one!

And that’s where stones and the pleasure of handmade, one of a kind jewelry comes into the picture. Beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are always fun and add a ton of confidence to our sense of self and style. But, certain stones seem to accentuate the season with a bit more flair by adding, not only their own unique beauty and mystic but, their contrasting colors, spiritual meanings, healing properties and essence of elegance to the mix.

Here are some of my choices for fall accessorizing:

Turquoise:  A stone thought to possess amazing powers, turquoise is a beautiful celebration of rich colors, deep inclusions and startling light.  It stands out against almost any color or blends, with liquid ease, into most blues and greens.  It is fabulous against blacks and browns and works equally as well as a necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring as a spectacular fall and winter fashion statement.  On a symbolic level, turquoise is purported to balance the mind and soul and connect us with positive feelings to all life on earth.  It is also thought, by some, to be a bridge between heaven and earth.

Rose Quartz:  Historically, rose quartz is thought to be symbolic of love and beauty.  It’s coloring, ranging from softest, pale pink to bright and bold rose, is the pefect color accessory for turning the more “somber” look of fall, into a palette of contrasts.   Rose quartz, in all its many variations, works beautifully against dark hues – blacks and browns and dark to navy blues.  And, on a lovely spiritual note, rose quartz is said to enhance your capacity to love others.  

Jasper:  Ah, the wonders of jasper!  The name “jasper” comes from the Greek word meaning “spotted stone.”  And jasper is just that, a stone that comes in so many varieties, patterns and colors, that one would never run out of possibilities of finding just the right stone to highlight that fall outfit.  To name just a few varieties of jasper would be a challenge but here goes:  Egyptian jasper, Blood jasper, Hornstone jasper, Scenic jasper. Moss jasper, Bumble Bee jasper.  Its wonderful diversity of colors and patterns makes it the perfect choice for adding that touch of wonder to your fashion statement.  Wear it with any color and tone down the patterns in your clothes so that jasper can take over as the center stage, star of your wardrobe!

Amber:  Though really not a “stone,” amber is none-the-less a wondrous choice for turning fall fashion into a bright and beautiful celebration.  Some would argue that while amber is, by composition and definition, not a gemstone it is, most definitely, a gem!  Amber is formed when a tree is “wounded” releasing a substance called “resinto.”  Over eons, the resin will harden and form beautiful translucent “gems” that we are familiar with today.  The glorious golden hue of amber highlights the stunnig colors of fall and brightens the darker, more subdued colors of winter.  Amber, historically, is thought to have strong healing powers and has been carried about in pouches for centuries by those wishing to eleviate some form of physical ailment.  Another belief was (and maybe still is) that amber can protect against evil forces and the powers of witchcraft.  Whatever its “physical or spiritual” power may be, its power to rev up your fashion flair, is legendary!

Next week, we’ll talk about jewelry fashion statements for fall and winter that are not of a gemstone nature but rather, come in the form of pearls or crystal, handmade glass or African clay bead. Fashion, like the seasons, continues to evolve, change, excite and, when handled with that deft touch, turn an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one!

May these last, fleeting days of summer bring you joy and may the aroma of apples, ripe and juicy on the trees, the shortening days and cool breezes, bring you thoughts of cozy evenings by the fire place, hot spiced wine and the fun of a new season and a new reason to “fashionize!”

- Susan



Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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