free pair of earrings with purchase of any necklace or bracelet! Code: STONESROCK

free pair of earrings with purchase of any necklace or bracelet! Code: STONESROCK

Natural Stone – Gemstone Agate Handmade Jewelry Designs 50% off Sale

by Susan A. Katz August 09, 2017

Agate is a stone that comes to us in so many forms, colors, sizes, textures and internal designs, that one could endlessly craft jewelry, using only agate and never run out of unique creations.  A form of chalcedony quartz that forms in concentric layers, each individual agate is fashioned by filling a cavity in a host rock.  As a result, agate is often discovered as a round nodule, with bands resembling the rings on tree trunks.  The bands are often quite fanciful and may resemble eyes or landscapes or, they may take your imagination on a journey to your own, magical places.

Agate was named after the river it was discovered by in southwestern Sicily, the Achates River.  Now, we know that agate can be found all over the world, from Africa to Mexico, from Italy to the USA.

What I personally love about working with this exciting natural stone is that it offers endless possibilities for design.  It is compatible with pearls and crystal, African clay bead or abalone, offering, its own unique beauty and intense persona to whatever necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings my mind’s eye might conceive. 

Agate is the mystical birthstone for September and is also the birthstone for the Zodiac sign of Gemini.

From a “healer’s” perspective, agate is thought to quench thirst and protect against fever.  It was used in Persia to divert storms.  It’s metaphysical and healing properties are thought to be: courage, protection, healing and calming and historically, it was placed in water for cooking or drinking, to dispel sickness.  As a chakra stone, agate is believed to be able to remove blockages from any chakra.  It relates to specific chakras according to the color of the stone.

To learn a bit more about this remarkable stone, check out my Stone Library:

In keeping with my goal of celebrating the essential beauty of nature and natural stones, gemstones that bring delight to my work bench, I am offering a 50% off sale, for one week, on all agate designs using the discount code AMAZINGAGATE

I think next time, I’ll celebrate Amber!  Have a great summer, fun-filled week,

- Susan

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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