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Natural Stone Jewelry by EarthWhorls Captures the Wonder of Nature & the Fun of Fashion

by Susan A. Katz October 25, 2017

A customer I spoke with yesterday told me that she found www.earthwhorls.com by googling “natural stone jewelry.”  That truly excited me because, EarthWhorls (the very name, by the way, suggests the meaning behind my designs) echoes the natural world.

Yes, we are all about fashion!  And yes, we are all about style but, what I hope to achieve with my designs is that exciting balance between the fun of fashion and a connection to the wonder and energy of the natural world.

I just returned from a trip to Ireland where I explored some museums in Dublin and rediscovered, that for as long as men and women have walked the earth, they have chosen elements from nature to adorn themselves with; abalone and shells, small stones, nuts and seeds and even feathers and bone.  They, like us perhaps, celebrated their bond with the world around them by becoming one with the elements.

EarthWhorls – a place where wonder shines out of every stone and fashion follows with grace and ease…  Wait till you see the new designs coming for the holidays, being crafted right now from the glorious stones I found in Ireland!!!

Have a very Happy Week!


Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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