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Tips About How To Store Your Jewelry

by Susan A. Katz August 03, 2016

Jewelry is an emotional as well as a financial investment.  And, like all the things we are attached to, we like to feel confident about caring for them.  I’ve seen a lot of friends who have their jewelry (necklace and bracelets) suspended from hooks or hangers.  Bad idea!  All jewelry is strung on something – string, thread, wire – and all of these elements will, given enough time, stretch under the weight of stones and silver.  Once stretched, they lose their “youthful” appearance and need to be restrung.  Other friends like to drop their jewelry in drawers or jewelry boxes – and often it looks to me as if there has been an explosion of technicolor spaghetti.  Another bad idea.  Stones, many of them and certainly pearls (all of them) as well as silver, can dent, be scratched or even become chipped or broken by being carelessly stored in a “heap!” 

Here are a few – very inexpensive ways to care for and store, your jewelry.  Take a moment and visit a local shoe store.  Ask if they have any extra boot or shoe boxes – most stores do and will be happy to give you one or two.  Next step – fill a large (for a shoe box) or extra large (for a boot box) tight seal plastic bag three quarters full with regular baking flour.  Place the bag into the box (you will probably need more than one) and gently place your unclasped necklaces and bracelets, and earrings onto the bag – pushing down gently.  The flour will create a “nest” for your jewelry to settle into and will protect it from rubbing up against its nest-mate. You can add another layer if necessary.   Or, you may want to visit a local craft shop or bead store.  Most of them carry felt mats that beaders use to keep their stones from rolling around.  They are very inexpensive and you can purchase a few and store your jewelry on top of and, separated by, these soft cloths.  Have an old towel hanging about?  Cut it up into shoe box/boot box size and use that as a mat and to place between layers of your jewelry.  Place the heaviest pieces on the bottom and don’t layer more than a total of three layers. 

These tender, loving care tips will keep your jewelry, throughout the years,  looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

Susan A. Katz
Susan A. Katz


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