About Us


The designs of Earth Whorls™, LLC endeavor to capture the earthy elegance of natural elements. Each hand crafted piece of jewelry reflects the line and texture, grace and glow of precious and semi precious stones, pearls, crystal, mother of pearl, sterling silver, and gold. The designs embrace in stylized settings, the ageless beauty of materials that have been tempered by time, wind, and weather.

Each design is an original, one of a kind piece that will not be replicated. Cognizant of the endless variety nature has to offer, the designer offers an endless variety of settings for the very best quality stones and findings from around the world.

About the Designer, Susan A. Katz

“That which is beautiful is natural. And the beauty of nature expands and enriches the senses, tempting us to not only visualize all that surrounds us but to feel it, taste it, explore the scent and sound of it and ultimately surrender to the emotions it inspires.”

It is this love of the natural world that sparks my need to create. It provides the impetus for designing jewelry, for needing to share in physical creations, that which is too vast, too astonishing to be held inside. It cries out to be shared, and in the sharing it expands into even more compelling experiences.

It is the variety and vitality of nature that brought me to an awareness of the promise of stones. Seen in their natural settings – scattered about in woods and on beaches – on mountain tops and desert floors -  stones exude an air of individuality and intense beauty. There are stones that shimmer with hidden lights – stones that are rough and abraded by the powers of storms and seas and volcanic eruptions – stones that are flat and smooth as liquid light – and stones that capture the infinite wonder of creation.

In their depths, I saw an endless array of possibilities. Not the possibility of improving on what nature had created, but the possibility of taking what nature provided and embracing it in arms of silver, integrating pearls with stones, stones with shells, rough with smooth, polished with textured, providing a stage on which nature’s players might perform.

A poet by inclination and profession – I have spent my life capturing with words, with images, the truth of this world I am joyfully a part of.  To fashion, not only with my mind, but with my hands, something of beauty, completes me creatively.  I believe that EarthWhorls echoes nature – it begins with stones – it passes through my hands to yours and from yours, on and on…


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