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Naturally Wonderful!

EarthWhorls and its creator/designer Susan Katz, have adorned my fashion sense for many years. I own twelve EarthWhorls pieces in earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Some I purchased from the website and some were made to order. Susan Katz’s design work is superb. I have sport jewelry, jaunty and fun jewelry and dressy more formal precious natural gems jewelry. I just live t! It is the finishing touch to an outfit and that last Pop that makes me feel dressed. The packaging is wonderful, from earring and bracelet pouches to velvet necklace cases. Thank you EarthWhorls for decorating my life!
- Susie Watson, Dana Point, CA.


I love my earthwhorls jewelry! I now have quite a collection and I have to admit I just can’t get enough! Each piece I own is unique and I get such compliments about every one of them! I love that the stones are so vibrant and almost “speak” their story. I love the colors Susan chooses and the composition of her pieces that mix silver and stone. I love the exquisite detail in the clasps that she finishes her pieces with. I love the simplicity of her lines at times, where the stones just make their own statement, and there is no need for more. I just think Susan Katz is brilliant and her jewelry is just MAGNIFICENT! Thank you for your beautiful work! I love your site!
– Catherine Katz

One of a Kind Jewelry Shopping Experience

In today’s business environment, sellers cannot afford to create something good and expect to sit and wait for it to become great.  This applies to both product and service.  And that is just what EarthWhorls does.  Susan, the gifted found and creator of this very special jewelry, offers folks an experience – something we remember and that leaves us with an imprint to return again, and again.
I have purchased products and received excellent service before from other vendors.  But it wasn’t until I dealt with Susan of EarthWhorls that I recognized the true spirit of wanting to present her unsurpassed, original “one only” creations of jewelry.  And she treats you like family.  Not too many businesses today have that as their mantra.
She creates a wonderful experience for her customers on a daily basis.  The whole process of selection, questions asked, choices made, and purchase left an impression of ease, comfort, and guarantees of quality and commitment on Susan’s part for EarthWhorls.
I know I’ll be back again and again for her jewelry masterpieces.  And because of her commitment to excellence as well as her diligence in providing customer satisfaction. I never will have to worry about a thing! 
Mrs. Joan Pyke, Florida, USA


EarthWhorls Customers Speak Out

One of the joys women have in life is to look at, buy and wear lovely jewelry. The choice is often to make a personal statement. I find that the beautiful designs of the handcrafted jewelry made by the imaginative and talented Susan Katz of EarthWhorls, appeal to my senses. I love her choice of stones, colors, textures, and the variety of designs that Susan creates to produce a some what understated but striking piece of jewelry. I have enjoyed buying and wearing Susan’s jewelry for many years, for different occasions, and for everyday wear. It always comes packaged so beautifully which makes it also lovely as a personal gift. Above all it is always a true pleasure to talk with Susan and receive her personal outstanding services. 
- A. Trattner, New York, New York

Accolades for EarthWhorls Jewelry By A Happy Customer

“That’s gorgeous,” is what people say when I wear one of the dozen Earth Whorls necklaces I have bought over the past couple of years. My friends call me the “amethyst” lady because of my weakness for the violaceus quartz stones. I think the reason I never tire of amethyst is the unique Earth Whorls designs. I can’t wait to expand and diversify my collection.
- E. Wilder, Connecticut

EarthWhorls Jewelry Reviewed

“Susan’s creativity and love of her craft radiates in every piece of jewelry she makes. Each handmade piece is unique and thoughtfully crafted from high quality stones that Susan sourced herself. I’ve bought numerous pieces from Susan’s collection over the years as gifts for friends, family and colleagues, and sometimes I just buy something for myself! I always get so many compliments when I’m wearing EarthWhorls, and I know my jewelry pieces will become heirlooms in my family. Susan’s work is absolutely beautiful!”
– Kendra Coppey, New York, New York 

Another Rave Review of EarthWhorls Precious Stone Jewelry

“I have known Susan Katz of EarthWhorls for several years now through her involvement with the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce. She is an amazing advocate for businesses in our Northwest corner! EarthWhorls jewelry is so gorgeous and well made. I have the pleasure of owning two pair of stunning earrings that are beautiful and unique. Whenever I wear them people stop me and want to know their story! Additionally her EarthWhorls jewelry parties are off the chart! She invites the most interesting people and entertains with a flourish, the food, beverages, guest services and decorations are so inviting.
- Nancy DePecol, DePecol Design/Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce


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