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Stone Library (O-Z)


This midnight-colored stone, is the stone of self control and self-imagining. By the very nature of its deep, endlessly black depths, it is a stone that is thought to ground one to oneself and to the earth. Its astrological connection is with Leo. And the element that it is associated with is, fire. 

It is seemingly obvious that such a strong, deeply substantial stone would be associated with qualities such as consistency, permanence, firmness, courage, stamina and self-control. It is a stone that is thought to have the ability to absorb and dissolve feelings of anger and negativity. It is also a stone that tends to smooth out the rough patches in life, making for a smoother, less volatile journey. Thought to enhance risk-takers and creative thinkers to expand their horizons, it is a wonderful stone for inventors, writers and dreamers. 

On an interesting note, the Egyptians believed that onyx would cool the ardor of love and reduce sexual desire thus, freeing one to pursue intellectually and spiritually creative endeavors. 

While not considered a “healing” stone, onyx never-the-less, does dispel negative energy. 

It most commonly is found in deep black coloring but, has been seen in brown with white bands and on occasion red, orange, or a honey-colored hue. It is in the family of chalcedony quartz.



There are numerous mystical and magical associations with the stone, opal. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that opal would bring great, good fortune because it contained the luck and healing powers of all of the stones whose colors could be seen in the amazingly “colorful” opal. Some people believed that one of its particularly amazing magical powers was to confer invisibility if held in the hand after being wrapped in a fresh bay leaf. 

For many years, after the publishing of a novel depicting opal as a stone of death, people shied away from buying or wearing opal. But today, it is highly prized for its glorious coloration and the lively light show it provides as it moves with the wearer. 

Opal is a hardened form of silica gel and most commonly has a water content of between 5 and 10%. It is, therefore, non-cyrstalline and unlike almost any other gemstone. 

It is the birthstone for October and is astrologically linked to Cancer, Libra, Pisces and Scorpio. There are numerous forms of opal ranging from blue opal to pink Peruvian opal to black opal – and many other variations as well. It is thought to help one communicate more freely and articulately and to facilitate facing the future with a tranquil and calm nature. Each different color opal is thought to have its own unique healing and spiritual qualities. 

A stone of romantic and sensuous beauty, it is worn by those who seek to connect with the intense energy of the natural world.



Pearls, not surprisingly, are associated with the element of water. They are thought to be the symbol for feminine wisdom. Their astrological signs are Cancer and Gemini. One associates pearls with purity and innocence. They are also historically, thought to be endowed with qualities of serenity, tranquility and wisdom. 

The birth of a pearl is truly a story of humble beginnings. A simple grain of sand, over time, is remade into a glowing, effervescent, symbol of timeless beauty. They are spirit lifters – joy givers – elegant additions to one’s sense of self. Their value is to be found in their ability to touch the heart and promote calm and a link to the origin of all things. 

Pearls come in a wide variety of colors and many are dyed to achieve an even greater coloration. They are thought to aid in digestion, to shore up the immune system and to relieve emotional stress.



This gloriously “green” stone that ranges in hue from soft-spring-grass-green to deep-dark-full-forest-in-bloom-green, is thought to be a stone of emotional healing and forgiveness. Historically, green stones have brought good luck to the wearer. 

Peridot is also thought to be a cleansing stone, helping those with addictions by removing toxins and the desire for drugs, smoking and alcohol. One of its most powerful abilities is thought to be, the way in which it can awaken the spirit and help one relate to a “Higher Power” by changing ones focus from reality to a world beyond the physical. 

There is the belief that peridot clears a pathway to the heart and helps one deal with feelings of hurt or disapproval. 

The Egyptians, Incas and Aztecs used peridot as a healing stone to treat and cleanse the heart, lungs, lymph nodes, breast, spleen and intestinal tract. 

Its Astrological signs are Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius. It is the birthstone for August.



The name “phython” is a bit misleading as this beautiful stone is more likely to be classified as a member of the “rock crystal” family of minerals. The name ‘rock crystal” comes from the Greek word “crystallos” – which translates into “ice formations.” 

These glorious stones were treasured by many different civilizations throughout human history. The Aztecs and the Mayans made skulls out of crystal for “ritual damnations of their enemies.” The Romans were very fond of their crystal jewelry and also used crystal for other purposes such as, stamps and vases. It was believed, by the Greeks, that drinking nectar from crystal goblets was reserved only for the Gods. 

It is thought to have many healing powers and was even used by some to try and see into the future. Some believe it can protect one from the cold by absorbing the cold and keeping it away from the body. Others believe that it can treat and cure ailments ranging from bad dreams to stress, headache to fever. 

Crystal is thought, by those who believe in the power of stones, to have many magical powers. The Greeks were certain that the Gods favored those who came to the temple carrying rock crystal in their hands. Clairvoyants used stones to reach beyond the known and scientists have studied the composition and possibilities of rock crystal for centuries.



Prehnite is a strong crystal composed of aluminum, calcium and silicon. Some stones have small iron deposits as well. It is often found in volcanic rock in places as varied as the US, Germany, Scotland, France, India, Austria, South Africa, and Canada. 

The color range for prehnite goes from bright green, to pale yellow to brown. Some of the pale brown stones actual seem to have a Tiger’s Eye effect. Green deposits have been found in Scotland, dark green and greenish brown in Australia and aggregates of crystals in France. 

Prehnite is considered to be a protective stone and one that increases energy and stimulates the physical and mental faculties. It is thought, as well, to help one gain a better knowledge of oneself and is so doing, be able to rid oneself of pain and painful memories. Perhaps its most potent quality is that it is believed to ensure that one will be able to dream and believe in the possibility of those dreams. 

Prehnite has been used by healers in diagnosing ills and, in very difficult cases, the patient is instructed to carry the stone around for a month and it is thought that the stone will retain the memory of the physical ailments and release them through meditation. 

Prehnite is associated with Taurus and Libra and is not a birthstone for any month.



Because of its resemblance to gold, pyrite has been referred to as “Fool’s Gold.” A beautiful mineral in its own right, pyrite is quite common and can be found in hundreds of places around the world. The metallic crystals that make up pyrite, grow in cubes, nodules, and masses of tiny crystals and, can sometimes be found in flat discs. 

There is evidence that pyrite has been used as a jewelry component for thousands of years dating back to the Greeks, Romans and Incas. The name “pyrite” comes from the Greek word meaning “fire.” The French refer to pyrite as “Pierre de Sante” – “stone of health,” believing it has a positive effect on the overall well-being of the body. 

Pyrite is a stone of earth and fire and thus, a perfect source of energy to assist in balancing the spirit and the mind. It is thought to increase physical stamina, increase the intellect and help to transform thought into action. 

There is little said, in literature, about the connection of pyrite to any birthstone month or any particular star sign.



Quartz is also known as rock crystal. It comes in a wide variety of colors ranging from: clear, white, pink, brown, gray, black, green, blue, orange, purple (amethyst) and yellow (citrine). These beautifully, dramatic stones are found all over the world, but most commonly in Brazil and Arkansas in the United States. 

Quartz is the most common mineral on the planet and covers a wide range of varieties including chalcedony, agate and members of the jasper family. 

While the origin of the word quartz is not known, the word crystal stems from the Greek word “krystallos” that means “ice.” There are many mystical and mythical stories surrounding quartz and they come from cultures around the world. The Japanese believed that quartz was formed from the breath of a white dragon and was the embodiment of perfection. Australian Aborigines used quartz in rituals to bring rain and even today, quartz is sometimes formed into ball shapes and used to predict (or see into) one’s future. 

The words most associated with quartz are power and clarity. Many believe that quartz enhances energy and clarifies thought. It is also thought to be a stone of harmony and may be quite helpful in cementing bonds in romantic relationships. Many use quartz as a master healer as it amplifies healing energy. It is said to draw pain away from the body and can access ancient wisdom and transport it into the present.


Rose Quartz

The pale shades of pink that define most rose quartz, leads one to think of a stone of love and lovers. In fact, rose quartz has been called “Love Stone” and “Heart Stone.” Because of its “pure and innocent” look, it is believed that it is a gem that fosters unconditional love and is often given to small children and babies in the form of bracelets or charms.It is also the stone of “self love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. It is thought that just holding a rose quartz in your hand, or wearing one, may enhance your chances for happiness and will prove soothing to the soul. 

Many “healers” believe that rose quartz will bring a sense of calm and gentleness to oneself and to relationships. From a healing perspective, rose quartz is said to have benefits for the heart, in particular. 

On a note that resonates with some societal woes we are facing now, rose quartz is said to help one reach one’s ideal weight and make losing weight, easier.



Rhodocrosite has many names. It is referred to as the Inca Rose Stone, Raspberry Spar, Manganese Spar and, comes in a diversity of shadings from soft pink to bright red. Many rhodocrosite specimens are found with intricate patterns of swirling lines. 

There is a wonderfully mystical look to this amazing stone and it is thought to be a superb conveyor of energy. Perhaps, because one associates romance with these “blushing” colors, rhodocrosite is believed to soothe the heart, stimulate feelings of love, passion and compassion and, benefit the creative process. It is also thought, by some, to inspire one’s sense of intuition to sharpen and become more receptive. 

As a healing stone, rhodocrosite is believed to stimulate the circulation of the blood, lower blood pressure and aid in the health of organs such as the kidneys and reproductive organs. 

These remarkably beautiful gemstones are found around the world from Romania to Namibia, Mexico, the United State, Argentina, South Africa, Afghanistan, Germany, Yugoslavia, Peru, and Australia. 

It is the birthstone of September and its astrological sign is Virgo.



The word rhodonite comes from the Greek word “rhodon” which means “rosy.” This lovely stone has a distinctive pink or rosy red color with some stones containing black veins. The stones with the black markings are the most highly valued. 

Rhodonite was often given to travelers as a form of protection as people believed it would make the heart beat faster if danger was near. Some have called this lovely gem “stone of love” as it is thought to help one achieve great romantic potential. It helps to turn passionate love into a more grounded and permanent relationship and is also used for healing trauma and issues of abuse. 

One of its greatest attributes is thought to be its ability to enhance self-esteem and help in healing the spirit. To some, rhodonite is “the rescue stone” as it “rescues” one from falling into despair or negativity. This is a stone of grace and elegance and it is associated with the Zodiac signs of Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio.



Throughout history, ruby has been treasured by royalty as a stone of exceptional power, magic, and beauty. Often used as a talisman by royal figures, it is said that the magnificent ruby stone that Catherine of Aragon wore, turned dark and dull just prior to the announcement by King Henry VII, that he was about to divorce her.  Ruby is also quite favored by the Hindu people who believed that a red flame burned inside each stone and could not be extinguished by any human. 

Ruby has a range in coloration from bright red to pinkish-purple, to shades of brownish-red. Ruby is second to the diamond in hardness and has been used for centuries in jewelry making and carvings. 

Ruby is ruled by the planet Mars and thus, is thought to have powerful energy that can enhance ability and strengthen courage. 

On a purely physical level, there are many who believe that wearing ruby will increase body temperature and thus, is a wonderful stone to be worn in cold climates. 

It is the birthstone for July and is the stone of Aries.


Ruby Zoisite

There is a unique and unmistakable beauty about ruby zoisite; a crystalline aggregate of green zoisite and ruby inclusions. This lovely stone can be found in an area around Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. 

Recognizing the colorful qualities of this green and red stone, jewelers have been using it in their designs for over two centuries. 

Known for enhancing stamina and turning negative energy into a positive life force, it is also believed to help the wearer achieve goals and finish projects. 

Another stone that is connected to the heart, ruby zoisite is thought to stabilize an uneven heartbeat, to slow it down and channel nervous energy into positive directions. It is a stone of earth and fire and will help expand the journeys one takes inside the mind, to magical and mystical places.



The pure liquid quality of silver, its brilliant ability to reflect light and striking beauty, have made it a metal of choice for jewelry makers throughout the centuries. Calmer and more reserved than gold, silver is believed to enhance and heighten the power of the stones it is paired with; making their healing and spiritual qualities more powerful. 

Historically, silver was used very early on as a container for liquid, as it was discovered that it stayed fresher and purer than liquids stored in containers made of other materials. It is thought that a Persian King, Cyrus the Great (550-529BC) concerned for his people’s health, instructed that all drinking water be stored in silver vessels. Even today, silver is an important part of contemporary religious rituals. 

Silver has been mined for over a thousand years from areas around the world. The largest piece of silver ever mined, weighed 1,840 pounds and was taken out of a mine in Aspen, Colorado. 

Silver has been associated with the moon and is thought to reflect negativity back to the sender and has been worn as a magical form of protection for hundreds of years. Many people believe that silver can act as an antibacterial agent and that it can, in fact, boost the immune system. Some people even believe that ingesting silver (adding it as a purifying agent to water) will be beneficial and aid digestion. It is thought to help strengthen and channel the energy of particular gems such as: turquoise, amethyst, moonstone, and carnelian (to name a few.) Its energy is associated with water and it is paired with the Deities, Isis, Diana and Luna. Its Zodiac sign is the moon and it is associated with the star sign Cancer.


Smoky Topaz

Smoky topaz is the name for a smoky quartz gem, similar to clear quartz, which most people are familiar with. In this particular type of stone, individual crystal modules can be seen without magnification. The crystals are arranged in such a way as to form a six-sided pyramid. This lovely natural shape has made smoky topaz a popular choice as a pendant. The color of smoky topaz reminds one of dappled shadows and the colors of the stone can range from a very light tan to dark chocolate or, from a blackish gray to a hazy gray. 

The healing qualities of smoky topaz are thought to include: lightening one’s mood, alleviating depression, overcoming addictions and harmful behaviors. 

Additionally, smoky topaz is thought to improve, and restore health to all of the body organs below the waist, including the body’s digestive tract and reproductive organs. 

From a mystical perspective, smoky topaz is thought to increase awareness and mental clarity. For this reason it was used as a “scrying” stone – or, in the same way as a crystal ball, as a means of divination. Stories are told of England’s Queen Elizabeth I using smoky quartz to see into the future.



The yellow/golden color of sunstone naturally draws an association with the sun and its power. It was prized by the ancients as a gem that transferred the sun’s power into energy that could be used by magicians to bring strength and wealth. It is most commonly associated with the Phoenix that appeared at the first sunrise. 

Sunstone is a form of feldspar. A wonderfully light hearted stone, it brings joy and a love of life and living. Some sunstone (natural feldspar, most often from India) has many of the visual characteristics of an orange opal. It is flame-like and quite vital. 

The second form of sunstone, called Oregon Sunstone, mined in Oregon, in the USA, has a darker center that comes from a dense concentration of copper. 

The lively quality of this stone has associated it with good humor, a cheerful and outgoing nature and an even temperament. Perhaps due to its association with the sun, this endearing stone helps its wearer to discover potential and the brighter quality of one’s nature. It brings out laughter and a joyful personality that others find infectious and uplifting. If you find that you have difficulty in standing up for yourself or speaking out, keep sunstone handy and it will help you become a strong advocate for yourself. 

From a healing perspective, sunstone helps to diminish feelings of inadequacy and makes the world seem a more luminous place. It enhances self-esteem and self-worth. It is most powerful when worn in sunlight. Its element is fire. Its Zodiac is the sun. It is not a traditional birthstone and it is the stone of Leo, symbolizing the coming of success.


Tiger’s Eye

This riveting stone that seems to follow you as you move, most commonly comes in rich gold and earthy brown coloring. It can also be found in reds, creams, blues, and shadings of black. This most unique and prized gem is found in South Africa and Australia. 

Like its namesake, the tiger, this is a gem that is thought to provide the wearer with patience, focus, determination, awareness and the ability to act in a deliberate and cautious manner. A very strong stone, it is believed that it helps to harmonize the various elements in your life into a cohesive whole. A stone of the earth, a stone of courage and grace, a stone that illuminates with perfect clarity the world around you, Tiger’s Eye, is the perfect stone for those who suffer from anxiety, inner turmoil, and depression. 

Its healing properties are thought to include the following areas: eyes, broken bones, wounds and bruises, digestion, pain, and reproduction. It seems obvious that it would also help with night vision. 

Its elements are fire and earth. Its Zodiac signs are, Virgo, Capricorn, Leo, Pisces, and Scorpio. It is associated with Mars and the sun.



Topaz is a stone that has been revered for centuries. The ancient Greeks believed that it had wonderfully strong magical powers that protected its wearer in times of peril and even made the wearer invisible when the need arose. It was also thought to change color if it was in the presence of poison that had been placed in food or drink. Closely associated with the phases of the moon, like the moon its powers were thought to wax and wan. 

A giant topaz set in a 17th century Portuguese crown, was originally thought to be the largest diamond ever found – coming in at 1,640 carats. While quite hard in substance, it can be cracked if struck with a hard blow and so, caution should be used when wearing topaz, particularly in the form of a ring or bracelet. 

Topaz comes in a variety of colors: blue, green, clear, yellow, sherry, brown, pink and white. Each color gem has its own mystical qualities ranging from soothing emotions to helping one communicate with non-human species (i.e. horse or dog whisperer.) 

This gem has healing properties that include: calming a nervous nature, releasing tension, bringing joy in the face of depression and sadness, stimulating the metabolism and aiding digestion. It is also thought to heighten the enjoyment of food. 

It is associated with the sun and the deity Ra. Its Zodiac connection is Jupiter. It is the birthstone (yellow) for the month of November and (blue) for December. It is the stone of Sagittarius.



The “stone of many colors,” tourmaline was thought in ancient time to have glowed from within due to the fact that it had its own energy. The Egyptians believed that as the tourmaline traveled up from the center of the earth on its way towards the sun, it captured all of the colors it passed along the way, turning it into a rainbow. 

Tourmaline come in a variety of colors often with a predominant color such as: green (regulates blood pressure) black, (strengthens the musculature) blue, (promotes detoxification) watermelon (alleviates pain.) Its powers pertain to areas of relationships, enhancing one’s ability to give and receive love and friendship. 

It is also thought to have positive impact on wealth, business decisions, and energy levels. Many people believe that tourmaline can “recharge” your energy batteries and sleep with one under their pillow or in a drawer near their bed pointing towards them. 

Its Zodiac association is Saturn, Venus and Mars. It is not a traditional birthstone for any particular month. It is occasionally linked to Libra. To dream of tourmaline, is thought to mean that one is watching out for unexpected dangers.



It is hard not to be captivated by the amazing intensity and beauty of turquoise. Its color ranges from sky blue to deep green, depending on the amount of iron and copper it contains. It takes millions of years before turquoise, through a combination of just the right minerals coming together, can be formed. 

Turquoise is a gem stone prized by the Egyptians, they thought of it as a “life stone.” The oldest jewelry containing turquoise to have ever been found was on the mummified arm of Egyptian Queen Zar. She was the ruler in Egypt dating back to about 5500BC. Turquoise was also greatly valued in Tibet and it was thought that one needed to carry a turquoise stone around with them throughout one’s life. Turquoise was so highly prized, more so than gold, that it was used as currency. 

Turquoise is found around the world. As a spiritual and healing stone, it can be dated back over 7500 years to Persia. Some of the finest turquoise (and some of the earliest ever mined) comes from China, North and South America, Saudi Arabia, Tibet and a very rare form of turquoise can be found in the state of Virginia, in the USA. This turquoise forms in prismatic crystals. 

A very spiritual stone, some Native Americans believed that it was a stone that came from the sky or, was the “stone of heaven.” They also believed that the stone could connect worlds, bridging the gap between the real and the spiritual worlds. Turquoise is associated with tendencies of generosity, consideration, affection, sincerity, and fosters real friendship. The real luck in turquoise is thought to come when it is given as a gift. Both the giver and the wearer are open to the flow of good fortune. 

Like many other stones, turquoise was connected to many healing qualities. It was used by most physicians in the 15th century to counteract the affects of poison. It is most often thought to be primarily good in dealing with female issues. Its element is the earth. Its deities are Hathor, Buddha, The Great Spirit (American Indian.) 

Its Zodiac is Venus and Neptune. It is the modern birthstone for the Month of December. It is the stone of Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio and Aquarius.



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