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Turquoise, Hill Tribe & Sterling Silver Necklace


Turquoise reminds us that nature understands the color green!  Not only green but, blue as well - as many turquoise stones seem to have mastered the art of being two colors at once.  This turquoise, Hill Tribe and sterling silver necklace with sterling silver chain, highlights the natural look of turquoise by using raw stone, turquoise chips separated by handcrafted, Hill Tribe silver beads.  The contrast is evident, just as it is in nature.  It is not the sameness of things that attracts us but rather, the diversity of colors and textures, shapes and sizes - the mountain that rises up out of the valley or the sky, bluer than blue, streaked with whiter than white, puffs of clouds.  This necklace is so easy to wear and so perfect for summer white or black or just about any color combination you can think of.  After all, everywhere you look in nature in summer, you see green stretching out and up and all around.  In my design - the turquoise is the earth - the silver beads are the sky and the sterling silver chain represents the connection between all things.  Length:  36"

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