Wood Sodalite & Sterling Silver Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


Stones that seem to be petrified wood, perfectly describes these marvelous gifts from Nature.  Each stone suggests patterns and striations that could have been formed in the trunks of trees and hardened into stone over eons.  But these are stones, lovely, fascinating, artistically splendid stones that capture the essence of Nature in the wonderful designs and patterns radiating out from their core.  All beautifully colored for fall (and winter - and, maybe spring and summer as well) these highly polished, oval shaped stones are a blend of muted colors of brown and beige and black and creams and one, is almost milky white.  Of course, stones these beautiful needed a very special conclusion and so, the necklace ends in an undulating, large, sterling silver toggle that seems to ripple in delight at being chosen to complete this piece!  Length: 17 3/4"

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Category: Wood Sodalite

Type: Necklace

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