Blueberry Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Hill Tribe & Sterling Silver

EarthWhorls, LLC


Inspiration comes in many forms, from sunsets to thunder storms - from tropical waters to cloudless, endless summer skies.  Lately, I have been intrigued by the many shades of blue one encounters in a single day.  I have a Robin nesting outside my kitchen window and three blue eggs greet me every morning.  I have an endless view of the sky from the field in back of my house and I spent the weekend swimming in the river that runs through our town.  Blue, blue and more blue - and so, this blueberry quartz, blue lace agate, Hill Tribe and sterling silver bracelet is a tribute to the endless joy one gets from the color blue.  The stones are soft and bright - they radiate light and energy.  They are crisp and clean and clear and one would imagine, they would be cool to the touch.  The addition of silver adds a bit of texture and contrast and provides an open, airy feel to this one of a kind, bluer than blue, EarthWhorls original summer design!  Length (To) 8"

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Type: Bracelet

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