Lepidocrocite & Silver Earrings

EarthWhorls, LLC


Drama has a name and it is, lepidocrocite.  When I was first introduced to these startlingly beautiful stones, I could not believe the way the light played off of them.  I was hypnotized by the way the coloring slipped from almost clear to deep, dark, reddish russet and then back to clear.  A pink overtone is evident but, just as one studies a painting in a museum and finds nuance and intricate beauty, so too, these stones are individual works of art by the greatest artist of all, Nature.  I have designed them with a certain simplicity - wanting the stones to speak for themselves.  Tiny, sterling silver, floral shaped beads embrace the two major stones in each earring and, gemstones and beads dangle with graceful assurance, from small, circular, sterling silver loops.  Artful, articulate, and amazing hardly describes the beauty and magic of these glorious stones.  Length:  2 1/4"

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