Blueberry Quartz, Blue Lace Agate & Sterling Silver Earrings

Lay on your back on a summer day and do a bit of "cloud dreaming."  As a writer and Language Arts Consultant to children and adults, I often used that technique to inspire my students to dream, imagine, and write.  What I've discovered is that I find that same inspiration in stones.  These endlessly blue blueberry quartz, blue lace agate and sterling silver earrings offer a palette of dreams to inspire your imagination.  Three larger and two smaller stones - the large stones being of a dappled blue and the smaller ones, a soft, almost milky blue, are suspended from a single, oval shaped, twisted sterling silver link.  The earrings dangle with the grace of a wind chime on a breezy summer afternoon.  These are perfect summer earrings, offering the lightness of spirit that seems to define the very heart and soul of summer.  Length: 2 1/4"

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